ADDING MULTIMEDIA Five-Time World Gold Medalist Swimming Sensation Regan Smith and her Cat Roo Partner with Nulo

A Duo Redefining Excellence Beyond the Pool


Regan Smith, a Minnesota native who has reached the pinnacle of swimming with multiple world records and Olympic medals, shares a special connection with Roo, her cat. Smith, once a self-proclaimed “dog person,” discovered a profound bond with Roo, who has become an integral part of her daily life, especially in moments of return and reflection after rigorous training sessions.

Speaking about the partnership, Smith expressed, “Adopting Roo has opened up a new world for me. She’s not just a pet; she’s my little cheerleader, waiting to greet me after every practice. It’s these moments that truly matter, and ensuring Roo has the best with Nulo’s nutrition is my way of giving back to her.”

Nulo’s “Fuel Incredible” campaign aims to spotlight the unique relationships athletes share with their pets, emphasizing the importance of quality nutrition to support these bonds. Through Smith and Roo’s story, Nulo wants to inspire pet parents to consider how their pets fuel their own lives and achievements.

Michael Landa, CEO of Nulo, commented on the partnership, “Regan Smith’s journey with Roo perfectly captures the essence of ‘Fuel Incredible.’ It’s a testament to how pets can become our unsung heroes, providing unwavering support and joy. We’re thrilled to have them as part of the Nulo family.”

The collaboration between Smith, Roo, and Nulo serves as a reminder of the emotional and physical benefits pets bring to our lives. By promoting superior nutrition through this campaign, Nulo aims to enhance the well-being of pets like Roo, ensuring they remain a vital part of their human companions’ success stories.

About Nulo:

Nulo is a leader in pet nutrition, dedicated to providing foods that fuel a healthy lifestyle for pets and their parents. Recognizing the powerful bond between humans and pets, Nulo’s mission is to enhance the lives of dogs and cats through proper nutrition, providing them with the fuel they need to live full, vibrant lives. Nulo’s Fuel Incredible campaign spotlights extraordinary athletes who draw strength and companionship from their devoted pets in their quest for victory.

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