Ancelotti: “Champions League? Better to win it as a coach than a player “

ANCELOTTI CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach, made some statements, to the official microphones of Uefa, talking about the Champions League. Here is what was stated.

Ancelotti: “Champions League? Better to win it as a coach than a player “

“When you win the Champions League, you feel that you have brought home the most important competition, that you have done your job well. What changes between winning it as a player and as a manager? Feelings and emotions are different. They are more intense when you win it as a manager. As a player you are part of the group that won the Champions League, while as a coach you have greater responsibilities. On Liverpool? Klopp coaches a great team, it’s hard to face Liverpool because he plays with intensity and physicality. At the same time, however, it will be a pleasure to play against us in the Champions League final “.

After the Europe and the Conference League, Saturday will be the last seasonal trophy to be awarded: the Champions League. Real Madrid and Liverpool face off in Saint-Denis. Two precedents in the final between the two teams. One when the competition was called the ‘European Cup’ and the ‘Reds’ won 1-0. The other precedent, more recent, is the final in Kiev 2018 with the triumph of the ‘Blancos’. Since, however, it is called the ‘Champions League’, seven out of seven wins for Real Madrid.

This season the team coached by Ancelotti won both the La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup. While Liverpool took home the Fa Cup and the EFL Cup, both finals won against Chelsea on penalties. The Premier League has been blurred by one point.

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