Antelope Butte Ski Area Offers Free Season Passes to Anyone Under 18

The Wyoming nonprofit ski area takes an unprecedented step toward growing the sport and supporting young skiers and riders

SHERIDAN, Wyo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Antelope Butte Ski Area and Foundation announced today that 2024/25 season passes will be free for anyone under age 18 on the date of purchase. Pass sales will open on Friday, April 5th for all age groups.

“To better support our mission, we have decided to make skiing more accessible, and free for anyone in the country under 18,” said Antelope Butte GM John Devivo. “With this ground-breaking offer, we can open up access to thousands of kids who would not otherwise be able to experience skiing and riding.”

The Antelope Butte mission promises To provide affordable and accessible year-round mountain recreation, training, and educational opportunities, focusing on youth and beginners. “This community put in tremendous effort to get this ski area up and running again, and we want to give back with this remarkable opportunity and message of appreciation,” added board member Emerson Scott.

For those 18 years and older, the 24/25 pass pricing structure has been dramatically simplified to a single price of $299, increasing to $399 on May 1st and topping off at $499 on October 1st. A Payment plan will be available for all purchases. Under 18 passes will remain free at each price tier.

Donations to the foundation of any size will be possible during the pass sale process. The Antelope Butte Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations to the foundation can be tax deductible. Any donation exceeding $500 can be divided into 6 equal payments.

“As a board, we feel our primary obligation as a non-profit ski area is to support youth and the greater community, rather than raising prices to build more lifts and expand facilities,” said Antelope Butte Board Member and Indy Pass Director Erik Mogensen. “Our mission is not to create a big fancy ski area, it is to get more people skiing and riding, more often. Price is the biggest barrier in skiing right now.”

About Antelope Butte

We believe that mountain recreation, both winter and summer, is an integral part of the Western lifestyle. It makes our community a more attractive place to live and work, it provides worthwhile activities for children and families, and it drives economic growth and jobs. It is guided and led by a volunteer board. The Antelope Butte Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 45-3041394. Learn more about our staff and board.


John DeVivo

(603) 545-7741

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