Atalanta-Naples, Gazzetta: “What a challenge between Lobo and Koopmeiners”

ATALANTA-NAPLES, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, the challenge between Atalanta and Naples really puts on great duels.

Atalanta-Naples, Gazzetta: “What a challenge between Lobo and Koopmeiners”

“Frequency of use: 12 matches out of 12. All as starters and all for 90 ‘Koopmeiners; Lobotka has seen the first half on the bench a couple of times, another four he could have anticipated the shower a bit, but he is still close to 1000 ‘of light on. The Dutchman is less metronome than him, but often he touches (makes him touch him) the start of the action, even if he has the mileage of a marathon runner: maybe after 1.080 ‘he is a bit tired, but he needs to change position often “.

“Depending on whether you feel your left foot can inspire, or hurt. And the feeling of closeness with De Roon helps him decide, so much so that Gasp meditates on Marten, who has been called up by surprise, immediately from 1 ‘. Napoli is by definition Lobotkacentrico: an always safe haven for teammates, even now that its direct shielding is “law” for rival coaches. But the Slovakian weighs even when pressed: if he does not find a way to meet the ball and receive it, perhaps freeing himself with a feint to create numerical superiority, he opens up space for a through ball behind him ”.

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