Buffon, La Stampa: “I’m not immortal, but …”

BUFFON, LA STAMPA- Buffon gave a great interview to La Stampa talking about his present and his great future that awaits him.


“A man and a unique sportsman and deserves the best of wishes and luck. I have to wait a few days to hear him in my own way, I want to let his emotions settle “. The former number one of the national team then deals with many interesting topics: “I didn’t think I would maintain such a level of performance at this age, but I understood that goals are needed and these are created along the way. I’m not immortal and I know I’ll stop, but I could have done it 4 years before PSG and instead I’m here and I don’t want to disappoint the people of Parma. The words ‘always’ and ‘never’ in life cannot be said “.

Buffon then returns to the match against Real Madrid refereed by Oliver: “Even now I don’t understand why he sent me off. I didn’t offend him and I’m afraid that some of my mates punched him in the ribs, but it wasn’t me and I took the red! The important thing is to always fight for something “.

Buffon, La Stampa: “I’m not immortal, but …”

The words of the goalkeeper in question have put a great focus on his career in an important way as only a World champion can do, but who still does not want to let go of the ball.

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