Cagliari, Ceppitelli: “The bitterness is still a lot, about the future …”

CAGLIARI CEPPITELLI – Luca Ceppitelli, defender of Cagliari, has made some statements, through his profile Instagram, returning to the disappointment following the relegation of the Sardinians to Serie B. Here is what was said.

Cagliari, Ceppitelli: “The bitterness is still a lot, about the future …”

“Several days have passed, the bitterness is still great, it was really difficult to accept and metabolize the failure to complete our goal. Difficult because we tried to the end, using all mental and physical energy, to straighten out a complicated year in which unfortunately too many mistakes were made. But now is the time to look ahead, to get back up as we have done so many times. I don’t know personally what my future will be, but I am sure of one thing, that Cagliari will soon return to the top flight, the one that belongs to them, and that the Rossoblu people will return to rejoice in their victories as they deserve so much. Ad maiora, always Forza Casteddu! “.

Luca Ceppitelli is waiting to find out his future as the contract expires on June 30th. This is the thought of him after a deserved relegation of Cagliari: many errors on the part of the management starting from the technical management passing through some changing room dynamics during the winter transfer market.

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