Climate Company Spiritus to Remove Carbon from Taylor Swift’s Football Flight from Japan

Meet the Innovative Climate Tech Start-Up Making the Popstar’s Championship Football Flight Sustainable

LOS ALAMOS, N.M.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spiritus, a leader in climate tech solutions, has committed to removing the carbon emissions from Taylor Swift’s potential private jet flight from Japan to Las Vegas, which is expected to cover a distance of 5,500 miles and produce an estimated 40 tons of carbon emissions.

“Today, everyone leaves a carbon footprint,” says Charles Cadieu, Spiritus co-founder and CEO. “But carbon removal gives us all a chance to reverse the impact on the environment. Spiritus is committed to providing innovative carbon removal solutions to ensure a sustainable future and stewardship of our environment for the fans of today and the fans of tomorrow yet to be born.”

The estimated cost to offset approximately 40 metric tons of carbon emissions from the one-way flight using current technologies is $28,000, based on a price of $700 per ton of removed CO2. Bringing the cost of carbon removal down to an accessible price is core to Spiritus’ mission. Having developed a technology that mimics aspects of the human lung, Spiritus’ technology has the potential to reduce the cost of carbon removal to below $100 per ton. In the future, Spiritus’ Direct Air Capture technology could decrease the total cost of removing the flight’s carbon emissions to approximately $4,000.

“Taylor Swift’s flight to the big game provides a platform where the power of music and the urgency of climate action converge,” added Cadieu. ”By removing the carbon emissions of her flight from Japan to Las Vegas, we at Spiritus are supporting an icon and leveraging the team camaraderie of American football to highlight we’re all in this together. It’s a symbol of how every action, no matter the stage, can contribute to a more sustainable world.”

While Taylor Swift’s representatives have stated they purchased “carbon offsets” for her flight, carbon removal goes beyond offsetting to actually achieve net-zero impact. Typical carbon offsets pay someone else to not emit CO2 that they otherwise would have. Carbon removal, on the other hand, removes the CO2 from the atmosphere that is equal to the carbon you emit.

Cadieu highlighted the nuances of carbon management strategies: “‘When Taylor’s jet flies, it is putting CO2 in the air. With offsets, someone else is asked to not emit CO2 somewhere else. But with carbon removal, we actually take out what Taylor’s jet puts in, meaning no extra CO2 at all. It’s a cleaner approach to fight climate change.”

Swifties and football fans around the world can join other environmentally-conscious citizens and companies like Stripe and Shopify in removing all or part of their carbon footprint by pre-purchasing Spiritus carbon removal. To learn more, visit

About Spiritus

Spiritus is a climate tech company at the forefront of Direct-Air-Capture (DAC) technology. With a dedication to innovation and sustainable stewardship of our environment, Spiritus has crafted a unique solution that achieves rapid sorption and desorption rates at a fraction of the sorbent cost versus state-of-the-art sorbents under passive DAC conditions. The company’s approach combines the Spiritus Sorbent and the Spiritus Carbon Orchard, offering a scalable and modular system for low-cost DAC and sequestration (DAC+S). Spiritus is committed to making carbon removal an accessible and practical tool in the global fight against climate change. For more information, visit


Written by SerieAUKWire

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