COTTI COFFEE Hits Milestone With 7,000 Stores Worldwide, Launches New Global Campaign in Celebration

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On February 26th, COTTI COFFEE, the global sponsor of the Argentina National Football Teams, announced the launch of a new promotional campaign, in celebration of reaching 7,000 stores worldwide. This campaign is set to run till May 31.

COTTI COFFEE officially embarked on its global expansion in 2023, covering markets in Southeast Asia, East Asia, North America, the Middle East, and Australia. With operations spanning 28 countries and regions worldwide, the brand has seen rapid growth in both brand scale and market share. Cotti Coffee is committed to offering high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient coffee products, along with a youthful and chic brand experience.

The emergence of COTTI COFFEE as a major force in the coffee industry is underscored by its product excellence. In June 2023, the brand was awarded 13 gold and platinum awards for its coffee beans at the IIAC International Coffee Tasting Competition. The use of 100% high-quality Arabica highlights the brand’s commitment to quality and ensures consumers can enjoy a diverse range of unique coffee flavors. In July of the same year, COTTI COFFEE established a global supply chain base integrating R&D, production, and quality control, further solidifying its supply chain capabilities. Leveraging rich operational expertise and insightful consumer understanding in the coffee market, COTTI COFFEE has launched a variety of products, including versatile milk coffee, tea coffee, rice milk coffee, and non-coffee beverages, diversifying to meet new consumer demands. Catering to different countries and regions, the brand also introduced regional specialties such as Coco Cotti, Matcha Oat Latte, Lychee Milk Frappé, Vietnamese Coffee and Sparkling Cold Brew, all of which have been warmly received.

Beyond its distinctive flavor offerings, COTTI COFFEE is also recognized for its technological innovation in the market. By downloading the official COTTI COFFEE app, customers gain access to promotional information and can effortlessly place orders in advance on their mobile devices, enabling more efficient time management in the process. Customers can also personalize their beverages by selecting cup sizes, add-ons, and sugar levels to suit their preferences. In January 2024, COTTI COFFEE introduced another significant advancement with the launch of its human-robot collaboration strategy, announcing the large-scale adoption of robotic applications across its stores globally.

Furthermore, the rapid expansion of COTTI COFFEE’s brand scale is intricately linked to its innovative brand operation model. Moving away from traditional franchising or direct management approaches, the brand has adopted a novel partnership mechanism. This strategy creates an integrated Amoeba Management System with cooperation partners, maximizing COTTI COFFEE’s strengths in branding, supply chain, and IT. Such an arrangement facilitates comprehensive innovation of the digital operation system, enabling both parties to leverage their advantages to the fullest extent. Moreover, COTTI COFFEE has established a lifetime partnership system, ensuring the sustainability of its business collaborations.


Xian Wu

Written by SerieAUKWire

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