Derby, Donati: “Whatever the referee’s decision had been, it would have been wrong for someone. Inter’s supremacy seemed quite clear “

Massimo Donati, former AC Milan footballer, current commentator in Dazn, spoke at “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio.

Derby, Donati: “Whatever the referee’s decision had been, it would have been wrong for someone. Inter’s supremacy seemed quite clear “

Did you expect such a bombastic victory for Inter?

“For the moment that Inter seems to be back at the beginning of the season, a little bit yes. The result is too heavy, but the performance is that of the beginning. Now it’s back to a thousand per hour, it’s hard for everyone to deal with it. It is never pleasant for the other team to lose a derby with three goals ”.

When there was a decline in results, was there a physical performance problem?

“Inzaghi also said it, it was a period in which they played many important, high level matches. When there are many commitments, you pay both physically and mentally, then tension sets in but now they have overcome all this and are projected for a great finale ”

How heavy is the absence of a prolific striker for Milan?

“There are the key moments of the season, you can’t go wrong with them. Now it can’t be done anymore, Inter don’t seem to be wrong anymore. There are times when you can let your guard down, now not anymore. I am of the opinion that it is not a single player who can solve all the problems, but if you have Ibra in front of you from a technical and character point of view he can help the team. The supremacy of Inter yesterday was quite clear “.

Do you think this defeat could leave Milan waste?

“I don’t think so, one of their greatest qualities is to react great in difficult moments. After Spezia, with the referee’s mistake, then they turned the page and threw themselves headlong into making useful results. He has always known how to react to moments, Pioli’s work has been important, always at the top. I’m sorry for them for how it went, but in the championship it’s another thing “.

How much is the signing of the contract with Barcelona affecting Kessie’s performance?

“Difficult question, even if a player signs for other teams if he plays he gives 100% for the current one. Otherwise the coach would not let him play. The fortunes of the individual always pass from the goodness of team performance. When he turns well the single is exalted and vice versa. Kessié hasn’t played the best games, but I don’t think he’s for Barcelona. The coach sees him during the week, every day, seeing his attitude. If he weren’t there, he wouldn’t let him play and if he’s on the pitch that’s not the problem “.

If you scored Bennacer’s goal, would you be angry about the cancellation?

“The referee’s decision yesterday or whatever it was would have been wrong for someone. There would have been controversy, everyone can have a personal opinion: it is not known whether he disturbed the goalkeeper, but there is no doubt that he was ahead of Handanovic ”.

Maybe a thick tip is missing?

“Despite this I am fighting for the goals. It is normal that having a player who guarantees you 15-20 goals per year is better. Winning championships or cups without a player like this is hard not only in Serie A, consequently the work remains excellent but if you want to take a step higher you need to fix some things and one is this “.

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