Diving Into a New Chapter: Publishing Expert Jack Hallahan and Hasty Awards President Steve Hasty Acquire Swimming World Under H2Media – Paving the Way for a Dynamic Future in Aquatic Sports Journalism

Unleashing the Next Era of Swimming World, H2Media Will Breathe New Life into the Longest Running Aquatic Sports News Source with a 76 Page Special Edition – the First Print Issue since 2022


“Swimming World will be re-imagined for a new generation of aquatic athletes, parents, and coaches,” said Jack Hallahan, Co-owner and Publisher of Swimming World and H2Media. “Plans call for vast improvements in content delivery, audience development via our USA Swimming Official Publishing Partner relationship forthcoming industry partnerships, enhanced social media experiences, and improved brand and direct advertising opportunities. We will focus on improving user experience and marketing to bring our fast-growing audience a more contemporary look and feel. Subscriptions have increased 50% over the past six months, with 12 new brands now advertising across our platforms. An Olympic year is the perfect time to come back to print with one of our largest issues ever released. We intend to drive home the message that Swimming World is still that same powerful voice you have come to trust for decades, now offering more interactivity and community than ever before…and we will prove that with a sense of authenticity over the coming years. We envision Swimming World as your go-to source for swimming news, tech innovations, training tips, and more while continuing to support The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) marketing strategies and key initiatives.”

To kick things off under its new leadership, Swimming World has released its first physical issue since 2022 with an unprecedented 76-page issue with special binding and the highest quality paper available today. Additionally, Swimming World aims to attract younger generations to its readership by diversifying content while launching marketing strategies and new products aimed at Age Group, Collegiate, and International swimmers. With the 2024 Paris Olympic Games a few months away, Swimming World will have reporters on the grounds of every elite-level competition leading up to the Games in order to spotlight the efforts of teams and athletes looking to make a splash this summer.

“Swimming World has been an institution for the aquatics family for generations,” Rowdy Gaines, three-time gold medalist and NBC analyst known as the “Voice of Swimming,” said. “It is still the only true source of the best and most accurate information today. There is no doubt in my mind that Steve and Jack, along with the brilliance of Editor-in-Chief, John Lohn, will continue the excellence and integrity that our sport deserves.”

Other recognized leaders in the global swimming community had this to say about new ownership at Swimming World:

For more than 60 years, Swimming World has been a reliable and trusted source of information,” World Aquatics Treasurer Dale Neuburger noted. “It has recently become so much more – motivating and inspiring us to appreciate our sport and to celebrate athlete accomplishments. Jack Hallahan and Steve Hasty are visionaries who will utilize the significant talent and expertise of John Lohn and his award winning team to continue the excellence of Swimming World established by its legendary founders, Olympic coaches Bob Kiphuth and Peter Daland. It’s an exciting time for our sport, and Swimming World will continue to be the pacesetter.”

“Swimming World was the original and only means by which FINIS introduced our innovative products to coaches and swimmers from around the world,” John Mix, Founder of FINIS, said. “As a brand which has developed a broad collection of innovative products for swimmers and coaches, FINIS relied on Swimming World to tell the story of why we were constantly launching new products. I am personally happy to know that Jack and his team are on a mission to bring the broader details of why swimming is such a wonderful sport for everyone who swims at all levels.”

Shana Ferguson, Chief Commercial Officer of USA Swimming, added, “USA Swimming is excited to see the big changes happening at Swimming World. This is a publication that has brought joy to swimming households for generations, and the innovation promised under this new leadership is refreshing and remarkable. We look forward to watching Swimming World deliver more great content to a new generation of swimmers!”


Swimming World produces extensive digital news content and global coverage of competitive aquatic sports — from boots-on-the-ground coverage of the Olympic Games to training and technique tips for parents, coaches, and fitness swimmers. Through hands-on reporting, deeply sourced articles, and in-depth commentary, Swimming World covers the entire spectrum of the sport with journalistic integrity. Since 1960, Swimming World has been the most trusted and reliable source when it comes to understanding what is happening in the sport at every level—high school, college, and elite level swimmers making waves at the most notable competitions — while also detailing everything the average swimmer needs to know for their own personal journey in the aquatic lifestyle. Rooted in rich journalism and award-winning photography, Swimming World passionately believes our heritage provides a credible foundation to produce dynamic, immersive coverage for the world of aquatic sports. With respect and honor for those who delve into the deep waters, Swimming World brings the best and most interesting stories to capture the essence of what swimming means to the athletes, fans, and enthusiasts who make swimming a routine part of their everyday life. For a Free Trial to Swimming World, visit this link.

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Jack Hallahan and Steve Hasty are the founders of H2Media LLC. Both Hallahan and Hasty have extensive backgrounds in swimming, encompassing both participation as athletes and roles as coaches within the swimming community. Steve’s family business, Hasty Awards, has been dedicated to providing swimming awards since its inception in 1986 by his father. Steve has a background as a competitive swimmer and coach for over 10 years, holding various state age group records over the years. Jack brings additional expertise and passion to H2Media LLC. As a former Division I swimmer, NYAC Swimming Captain, and USA Swimming Club Coach, Jack’s involvement in competitive swimming extends beyond his professional endeavors. Currently active in Masters swimming and Water Polo competitions, Jack’s ongoing participation underscores his deep connection to the sport and his commitment to its continued success.


Nicole Rodrigues – for Swimming World & H2Media LLC


Written by SerieAUKWire

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