Fiorentina, Gazzetta: “Barak wears purple, but not only”

FIORENTINA, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, Fiorentina has scored a great market hit to date.

“Barak and Commisso. The exodus of the viola fans who see Europe again (the last was in Prandelli’s time and the Preliminaries smiled at Fiorentina) will be non-trivial, the “De Grolsch Veste” will probably be sold out, the 2-1 of the first leg leaves you in peace but not too much and in short, the mind is turned there but also – in fact – to the programming that the Commisso club (which yesterday greeted and loaded the team, will see the match in Florence)

“He has already done it for some time and with obvious results. Antonin Barak will be, in fact, the first reinforcement. And it will be anyway because the inside / attacker of Verona will arrive regardless of the result of Enschede. “

Fiorentina, Gazzetta: “Barak wears purple, but not only”

“Two for Bajrami? Barak will be the extra graft in the middle of the field that could open to a sale but that would not close to another piece for the middle area: Fiorentina thrives on football aggression, vertical vision and men who look forward rather than back are fundamental. to structure the Viola

“What will come. It is no coincidence, then, that another element that is often shown in the windows of the desired “articles” is always that Nedim Bajrami who is seen as a complementary pawn in certain games in Middle-earth: Sassuolo would also be on the Empoli area. But it is clear that the Zurkowski pawn (owned by Viola and that he was fine in Empoli) but also the possibility of putting a reactivated player like Kouamé in the middle of the negotiation could lead to checkers the acquisition of a player to whom Viola he has been thinking for quite a while ”.

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