Fiorentina, Italian: “Jovic is very strong, he must be managed like this”

FIORENTINA ITALIANO – Fiorentina continues its athletic and physical training. Yesterday the Italian’s men challenged Real Vicenza and beat them 7-0.

Fiorentina, Italian: “Jovic is very strong, he must be managed like this”

After the victory, the Italian coach spoke to the microphones of the official Fiorentina channel. Here are the statements of the former Spezia coach:

On Jovic:

“He is a top level footballer. He must be reactivated because he has not been fully involved in the competitive phase for some time. He has to take out the fire that he has inside. And he can give us a lot and when he is physically at the top, he will give us a good hand. We will try to make more plays and be better from the last meters. He also applies to the midfielders and the winger ”.

On the new goals set:

“We have bought players who are used to work and whoever is more awake will go to the pitch. Of course, having quality couples in all departments increases the intensity of training. We want to pass the Conference League preliminary. And to do that, you need strong players in all roles. So far we have bought three high-level men such as Gollini, Mandragora and Jovic so we will see where this team can still improve, perhaps with some functional additions. We are vigilant and if there is an opportunity to include someone, I think it will be done ”.

On the dualism between Amrabat and Mandrake:

“Amrabat is now ahead of Mandragora because he knows everything, he was with us last year and he has grown incredibly, he has understood my requests. Mandragora has quality, he knows how to hit idle balls well, he has physicality, he is awake, serious. The two will play for the play position, it being understood that we have many commitments and I do not want to overload anyone. Between the posts it is normal that the goalkeepers we already had have more knowledge than Gollini, who however strongly wanted Fiorentina and is very determined. It’s a great graft ”.


Fortunato Condinno

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