FitXR to Showcase Groundbreaking MR Fitness Innovation at CES in Las Vegas

  • FitXR will be demoing its new MR studio, Slam, at CES in Las Vegas for the very first time.
  • FitXR is also releasing findings from a recent study, in partnership with King’s College London, that reveal the transformative benefits of exercising in VR.
  • The platform’s annual use statistics showcase FitXR’s continued audience growth, as fitness is increasingly recognized as a key use case for VR.


The new Slam studio makes it easier than ever for users to achieve their fitness resolutions and harnesses the power of FitXR’s exclusive spatial sense algorithm that adapts cues to the unique layout of any physical room, ensuring an optimal gaming experience. The workout is structured like an active game rather than a traditional fitness studio, so users smash their goals without even realizing they’re getting a sweat in.

With four new studio launches in 2023, FitXR surpassed 1,000 classes available on the platform, providing users with an extensive range of fitness options. The platform’s popularity is underscored by the fact that Zumba, released in November, has quickly risen to become the second most favored studio, with Box leading as the most popular. In 2023 alone, users collectively spent 33.5 million minutes working out on the platform.

“This represents a pivotal moment in the adoption of VR fitness over the past 12 months,” FitXR CEO, Sam Cole said. “These milestones are not just numbers. They are a celebration of our community’s effort, and underscore the benefit of being a part of a movement that nurtures fitness, fun, and fulfillment. We’re excited to start the new year at CES with our most innovative studio yet and continue to bring fun, intuitive workouts to users.”

For those aiming to meet New Year’s fitness goals, the significance of these milestones extends beyond statistics. A recent study led by Dr. Oliver Runswick, co-lead of the Basic Psychological Science Research Theme at King’s College London, employed gold standard measures to explore the physiological and psychological disparities between exercising in VR and traditional non-immersive formats. Participants engaged in 12-minute FitXR workouts using a Meta Quest 2 headset, as well as the same workout projected on a conventional 2D screen.

From a physiological perspective, the results revealed that not only did participants choose to work harder in the VR workout, but they also perceived the exercise as more challenging, leading to a more satisfying and enjoyable experience. As a whole, FitXR’s workout not only demonstrated higher levels of oxygen consumption and heart rate, but psychologically, participants also reported significantly greater enjoyment and positive emotions after the workout. In comparison to traditional screen-based workouts, VR emerged as a more fun and efficient way to exercise.

“The positive outcomes of this trial are a testament to the potential of VR in transforming our approach to exercise, offering a more enjoyable and efficient alternative. The integration of technology with fitness is not just a gimmick; it’s a game-changer,” Dr. Runswick said.

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About FitXR

FitXR merges immersive VR with total body workouts designed by top fitness experts. Dedicated to making fitness more fun and accessible for everyone, FitXR offers classes within seven distinct workout studios – Box, Dance, HIIT, Sculpt, Zumba, Combat and Slam. FitXR provides a truly engaging, multiplayer experience along with constantly refreshed classes, environments and music. FitXR is available on Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Pico XR.


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