Gopuff’s Brand Bowl Report Illustrates Which Big Game Ads Resulted in Instant Sales

With a 231% increase in unit sales following its Big Game commercial, Lindor Chocolate wins Gopuff’s Brand Bowl, with Starry and Nerds tying for second place


“Spots during the Big Game are among the most expensive ads available – but it’s difficult to leverage those commercials to drive immediate sales or measure the immediate impact of that huge investment,” said Daniel Folkman, Gopuff’s SVP of Business. “That’s where Gopuff comes in. With direct access to data and the ability to deliver products to customers instantly, Gopuff is uniquely able to leverage sales data to determine the efficacy of ads in real-time and draw distinctive insights into consumer behavior and consumption habits.”

Brand Bowl Winner: Lindor Chocolate Scores Big

While many commercials during the Big Game won the hearts and minds of America, Gopuff’s Brand Bowl helps answer the ultimate question: What won their stomachs? Throughout the Big Game on Sunday, Gopuff tracked purchases of advertised brands in the hour following that brand’s commercial. Here’s how the Brand Bowl’s winning commercials impacted sales in the moments after they aired.

  • Coming in first place, 2024’s Brand Bowl winner is Lindor Chocolate, which saw a massive 231% increase in units sold in the hour after its commercial “Life is a Ball” aired.
  • Tied for second place are Starry and Nerds’ star-studded commercials. After these commercials aired, their brand’s products saw an 186% increase in sales.

And for our runners-up:

  • Reese’s sales increased 70% immediately after its commercial for Reeses’s Caramel Big Cups.
  • After Dove’s commercial, Gopuff saw sales for the brand increase by nearly 60%.
  • Rounding out the top performers, Poppi’s commercial drove a 66% increase in sales, M&Ms a 48% increase and Oreo a 40% increase.

Percent changes are based on units ordered one hour before compared to units ordered in the hour after the commercial aired. All numbers exclude sampled products or giveaways.

Sunday Funday Order Trends: Groceries, Party Supplies and Ice, Ice, Baby

This was no ordinary Sunday as Gopuff customers took to the instant commerce platform to access everything they needed for game day – on game day:

  • Seeing Red: Hinting at a possible correlation with team allegiance – or perhaps a nod to Taylor Swift – strawberry sales saw the biggest increase in the fresh grocery category on Gopuff, spiking an impressive 1,320% on Sunday. The popularity of strawberries was followed by red seedless grapes and grape tomatoes, both of which had 700%+ increases in sales over the average Sunday. Finishing out the team color palettes, Fool’s Gold Edible Glitter sales were up 142%.
  • Tried & True Game Day Staples: Ice sales were up 113%, beer was up 102%, and mixers & spirits were up nearly 90%. Of course, no Big Game get-together is complete without allllll the Snacks. So, it’s no surprise that tortilla chips, salsa & queso & chip dips, and ready-to-eat popcorn all performed well on Sunday. In fact, Tostitos brand products were up 332% compared to a typical Sunday.
  • All The Fixings: Customers weren’t only thinking about food and drinks on Sunday. They also stocked up on party essentials like styrofoam coolers (up 614%), tablecloths (up 400%), and Kingsford Charcoal Briquets (up 234%). With the game ending late into the evening on the East Coast, customers made cleanup easy by ordering disposable wine glasses, compostable plates, and Ziploc bags, all of which were up roughly 250%, while sales for Basically, Red Party Cups were up 237%.

Rounding out the Sunday-Not-So-Scary Trends:

  • Savor the Spice: Condiment sales were up 91%, with hot sauce alone spiking 154%. Maybe that’s why searches for “Tums” were up 300% during the game.
  • Guacamole, anyone?: Fresh and Dry Grocery categories were up more than 90% and 80%, respectively. Top fresh grocery items included limes and avocados.
  • Sip & Score: Alcohol sales were up 75% compared to prior weeks with Balvenie, Aperol, Corona and High Noon leading the way.
  • Tuning out: On-ear headphone sales increased by 35%.
  • Somebody put kitty in the corner: Sales for dry cat food were down 21%.
  • Going Long: Gopuff delivery partners covered more than 3.2 million football fields in distance to bring customers what they needed when they needed it.

Sales increases compared February 11 nationwide sales to all previous Sundays in 2024.

How Each Team’s City Fared

In San Francisco, as customers licked their wounds, some unique, if sad, order trends emerged.

  • Stressed Out: After the game, Gopuff saw an uptick in orders for heartburn remedies – including a 900% increase in searches for “Tums” – frozen sweets and pints of ice cream in San Francisco.
  • Snooze Fest: While sales of sleep supplements were down nationwide, we saw a spike in sales for sleep aid products in San Francisco at halftime.
  • Feeling Sour: Sales for pickles also increased post-game in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, in Kansas City, customers celebrated their win.

  • Partying On: As order volume in San Francisco dropped after the game, Gopuff saw a 40% increase in order volume in Kansas City, indicating fans kept the party going long after overtime ended.
  • Morning Recovery: While heartburn remedies reigned supreme in San Francisco, we saw orders for hangover remedies increase in Kansas City, as customers celebrated their win and perhaps began planning for a slow Monday morning.

Sales changes compare February 11 sales in that metro area to the previous four Sundays.

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