How to set up your budget for the FANTACALCIO CLASSIC auction system and how to create your squad

Here’s a guide to setting up a successful Fantacalcio auction that takes into account value, pricing and importance.


How do you set up your seasonal budget division for a fantasy football auction? This is precious information for any fantasy football manager.

Today we are going to talk about how much you should be willing to pay for top players, how much you will want to spend based on a player’s position, and how much money to hold on to during the auction.

Note that typical auctions will begin with an auction base of 1 so they tend to be different from a football player’s regular quotation. You will find differences according to the different budgets.


  • Goalkeepers: 15 credits
  • Defenders: 25
  • Midfielders: 80
  • Strikers: 130

This is the auction involving the lowest budget. Auctions that provide you with 300 Fanta credits are also common, but they’re, essentially, not much different. The good news is that this system tends to offer a greater balance among positions, with attacking player costs also reduced proportionally. This, however, does not mean that the star players won’t be sold at a premium. Keep this in mind when planning your auction.

General Rule: With the defense modifier and goalkeeper’s clean sheet option both active, naturally, you will end up spending more on the defenders and the goalkeeper.


  • Goalkeepers: 25 credits
  • Defenders: 55
  • Midfielders: 130
  • Strikers: 290

Things start to get trickier when it comes to typical Auctions where your budget is 500 credits. Start by picking your goalkeeper. You are likely to spend around 10-15 Fanta credits for an entry-level regular goalkeeper or you can splurge 40 or more credits for one of Serie A‘s top shot-stopper. Consider finding a middle-ground between the two options. With the credits leftover, you can focus more of your attention on the attackers, players that will inevitably cost you more.

If you’re really looking to save on credits, you’ll have opportunities when choosing your defense. One strategy is to pick only one established defender and flesh out the rest of the squad with lower-cost players. Don’t cut too many corners! The minimum cost of having a decent defensive setup can’t fall below 25/30 Fanta credits. If your heart is set on stars like Robin Gosens, Achraf Hakimi, or Theo Hernandez you will end up spending much more of course. However, remember that only three Fanta managers in the league will be able to do so and it is rare for one manager to be able to buy all of them because of the costs involved in creating your fantagazetta draft.

robin gosens
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Defensive and attacking balance

Even in the midfield area, it is better to pick at least one top or semi-established player. This can cost you between 50 and 80 credits. If you want to bet on the midfielders scoring you points, you can pick two stars. You will, however, end up paying more than 150 credits, you will have to spend less on defense or attack.

Finally, when it comes down to your attack, you will only be able to opt for Cristiano Ronaldo, Romelu Lukaku, or Ciro Immobile only if you have saved up on credits in the other departments. The ones who want a world-class forward in their fantasy football draft will need over 300 Fanta credits. Otherwise, if you can live without a super striker, you can maintain a balanced squad, and only spend half of your budget on attacking players.


  • Goalkeepers: 45
  • Defenders: 70
  • Midfielders: 190
  • Strikers: 445

This solution is the middle ground between 500 and 1000. It is the kind of auction style that allows for several picks of highly touted players. If your strategy is highly dependent on the attack, then you can choose to spend an amount even higher than 445 credits on other roles.


  • Goalkeepers: 75
  • Defenders: 115
  • Midfielders: 250
  • Strikers: 560

With a budget of 1000 Fanta credits, the prices of the top players go up a lot, especially when it comes to attackers. However, you are likely to notice price spikes even in the midfield, and in defense areas, at least near the top. Considering this, at least when it comes to the classic Fantacalcio league comprising 8 teams, you can opt to spend much more on the starting line-up that you have planned and go as low as 1 credit for defenders and midfielders that are not in your starting line-up.

This applies, even more, when it comes to fantasy football leagues comprised of 6 Fantalcio online managers, where excellent Fanta footballers always remain available. The situation is different in a league of 10-12 managers, where you will notice that there is a very high degree of competitiveness for players, especially for attackers. Therefore, in the auction system of 1000 credits, in leagues of 10-12 Fanta managers, there are fewer picks for the top choices, and it is best to create your strategy accordingly.


In the previous section, we considered examples where the starting offer of 1 Fanta credit refers to the minimum price requested to purchase a football player. Things can change, however, if the minimum price point is the one indicated on the pricing list, which is almost always higher than 1 credit. Since, realistically, it will be impossible to find a starting player represented at 1 Fanta credit (there include almost only reserves), you will need to start your spending at 6-7 credits for reserves. This will, naturally, make you distribute the budget differently.

For goalkeepers, for example, you will likely have to start your bids at around 10 credit points even for a lower-ranked player. Things also change a lot for defense and midfield players, where you will need to spend a lot of credits even for some of the players present in the last slots. It is, therefore, necessary to retain much higher budgets for these two departments. In general, top players in all positions, but especially attackers, cost less than in the other type of auction, because you can’t save on 1 player.


This system is challenging because it is difficult to make any sort of predictions since you do not have direct contact with your opponent while bidding for a player. This also affects the pricing of the players. Since managers do not know what their opponents will be offering, they will be tempted to auction more Fanta credits for star players, afraid of losing them. The best solution in this scenario might be to try and set your sights on good players who are not regular starters, and, therefore, are off the radar of most managers. You may be able to get leave the auction with a few such players for much smaller investments.


When you consider your budget, the scenario changes a lot based on the number of participants in the league: 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14. The examples provided earlier refer to leagues containing 8/10 managers, as these are the most frequent ones being created.

Leagues containing fewer managers, tend to have users overbidding on top players. Note that in such cases you can save up on your budget by opting for players that are not regulars with their teams. This may, however, impact your chances of getting the most fantasy points in a game, and overcoming your rivals.

When the league includes 12 Fanta managers,  once again, the situation is entirely different. Regular starters, who play as defenders or midfielders, tend to become more expensive. If you are hoping to find some good deals priced at 1 Fanta credit, you are likely to be disappointed. The prices for lower-tier players increase as well, especially when modifiers are included. All of this can greatly deplete your budget required to pick attackers, so it is best to keep this in consideration when creating a strategy.


As already mentioned at the bottom of each chapter concerning the different types of budgets per division, from the one set at 250 Fanta credits to the one at 1000, the matter changes for those leagues which contain the defense/midfield modifier and the Goalkeeper Cleansheet option active.

In every league, there will always be managers who tend to bet more and those who bet less. If a manager opts to focus on the defense modifier, he will spend more on this position, needing to pick players that are certain to be regulars for their teams.

On the other hand, if the manager activates the Goalkeeper Cleansheet option, they will naturally focus on top-tier goalies such as Samir Handanovic, Gianluigi Donnarumma, and Wojciech Szczesny.


For the auction, you can refer to this table to fill in and update every time you buy a football player taking into account the initial budget you have, the cost of the purchased football player, and the change you have leftover.

Your auction will consist of the following:

  • 3 Goalkeepers
  • 8 Defenders
  • 8 Midfielders
  • 6 Forwards









Creating a strong Fanta draft all comes down to balance. Use our advice, but also base your choices on your personal preferences and where you hope to place in the rankings at the end of the season. Learning to balance the transfer budget can prove a great starting point in your fantasy football journey.

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