InForma: the midfielders to be deployed on matchday 26

Here are the 5 most fit midfielders to field in the 26th matchday of Serie A:

Malinovskyi: after the great goal against Juventus in an open match like the one with Fiorentina (at least on paper) it can be repeated and therefore it must be deployed, because it is in a moment of great form.

Amiri: he has only played 33 minutes per hour, against Venezia if he were to leave as a starter he could begin to show his great talent.

Tonali: is one of the most in shape of MIlan in the last period. It comes from convincing performances and against Salernitana he can continue his positive streak.

Stretcher: rests in the Champions League due to disqualification, he will be fresh for the match against Sassuolo. The neroverdi leave a lot of space, the blue midfielder could take advantage of it.

Anguissa: his return is fundamental for Napoli’s game. Against the slightly physical midfield of Cagliari it can emerge.

By Federico Poet

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