Juventus, Gazzetta: “Federico Chiesa’s return is postponed”

JUVENTUS CHIESA – Simple finishing done this morning by the Bianconeri, in view of tonight’s match against Salernitana.

Juventus, Gazzetta: “Federico Chiesa’s return is postponed”

Juventus will be back on the pitch tonight, in Serie A after Tuesday’s defeat against PSG. The Bianconeri are with the men counted, after various injuries in the last few hours: yesterday also stopped for Locatelli. A long-lasting injury is that of Federico Chiesa who has been in the pits for more than 7 months after the rupture of the front crusader. A very slow and cautious recovery, explains the Gazzetta dello Sport, which the playmaker could return directly in January. Here are the words of Rosea: “245 days have passed since the last time Chiesa wore the Juventus shirt and he still doesn’t see the end of the tunnel. If all goes well, his return to the field will take place in early November, just before the break for the World Cup, and at most he will be able to play a few games. He will be back a month later than the initial schedule, which has been slowed down due to an unexpected stop. In reality, the winger of Juventus and the national team had already started running in the summer. “I’m making the first changes of direction, I think I’ll be ready at the beginning of September”, said the person concerned with great optimism at the beginning of June. In fact, the estimated times were those: after an operation on the crusader it takes between 6 and 8 months for the activity to resume, even if it is all very subjective.

On possible return:

The Juventus press release spoke of 7 months, therefore September, and so it would have been if there had been no setbacks, instead it happened around mid-August. As Chiesa began to push harder because he felt close to returning, his knee swelled and he was forced to stop. It was not easy for the player to digest this hitch, especially when he saw the goal ever closer. But with patience and a spirit of sacrifice he waited for the inflammation to pass and then went back to work. Now the situation has stabilized, Federico no longer feels pain and is continuing the personalized work on the field. The knee is constantly monitored, because after such a serious injury it is not unusual to encounter problems of this type. And we are proceeding with all the necessary caution. The loads will be gradually increased. If the injured limb responds well to the solicitations by the end of September, Chiesa could return to training in part with the group. Then it will take a month for him to reach an acceptable physical condition. Which means that at best Allegri will have it available at the beginning of November, when no more than 4 games remain to play…. This is why the coach has always talked about Chiesa with a view to 2023: at this point the winter break will allow him to work very calmly to be at the top for the start of the new year, when the best Juventus will be needed to aim for the Scudetto “.


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