Lazio, SportMediaset: “Rafa Silva aims for the attack”

LAZIO RAFA SILVA – Lazio immediately returned to training in Formello in view of the last match in the Europa League, on Thursday, which will be important for the Biancocelesti’s qualification for the round of XNUMX.

Lazio, SportMediaset: “Rafa Silva aims for the attack”

Lazio returned to training intensely in Formello, after Sunday’s disappointing defeat against Salernitana, which stopped a long series of consecutive useful results. Not only field issues, however, in the Capitoline team: but also issues related to the incoming transfer market, for next January. The deputy building has been the great theme of the Lazio transfer market for two years now. The Biancocelesti do not have a real number 9 as a substitute for the captain, so the fans are clamoring for a reinforcement in that area of ​​the pitch. As reported by SportMediaset, it seems that the Capitoline are thinking of Rafa Silva of Benfica, waiting for today’s resonance in Paideia of the striker from Torre Annunziata. The Portuguese player has really shown that he has an excellent technical background, especially in the double challenge against Juventus in the Champions League. The heel goal as a true striker, has made many European teams fall in love with him, calling out his name for the next transfer market session.

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