LIGHT Helmets Poised To Disrupt Professional, College And Youth Protective Headgear Industry With NFLPA/NFL Approved And Recommended Helmets

More than 16 NFL teams have purchased LIGHT Helmets for use in the 2024 season; company offers professional, amateur and youth players the safest, lightest and most innovative protective headgear to reduce head injuries

CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LIGHT Helmets, manufacturer of the lightest protective sports headgear in the world, continues to disrupt the protective headgear market with its line of helmets for professional, amateur and youth athletes. The LIGHT Gladiator ATK is currently approved and rated as a “Recommended Helmet” for use in the NFL. Every LIGHT helmet offered has earned a five-star rating by the independent labs of Virginia Tech and has been approved by National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment for use by colleges, high schools and youth leagues across the country.

LIGHT Helmets are the first helmets to address superior player performance and protection through the reduction of weight. Depending on specific configurations, most LIGHT Helmets weigh 3-4 pounds, which is approximately 40% lighter than the average football helmet offered by legacy companies. This reduces the potential impact of blows to the head as well as head/neck strain and player fatigue. LIGHT Helmets are manufactured using the same materials, technology and engineering as protective headgear used by the military for soldiers in combat as well as by professional race car drivers.

The NFL Players Association and NFL have tested, approved and classified the LIGHT Gladiator ATK for use in the NFL and more than 16 NFL teams have already purchased it for use in the 2024 season. Concussions in the NFL rose 18% in 2022 and are expected to be even higher for the 2023 season.

“Whether you are the coach of a professional sports team or the parent of a high school football player, head injuries are an ever-increasing concern,” said Nicholas Esayian, CEO of LIGHT Helmets. “Our products combine cutting-edge technology with quality materials and innovative engineering to offer previously unattainable levels of head safety and player performance.”

All LIGHT Helmets have received five-star ratings, the highest possible, from Virginia Tech’s Helmet Rating System, considered the gold standard in safety and performance. It’s Summation of Tests for the Analysis of Risk (STAR) score is based on a helmet’s performance in a series of impact tests.

LIGHT Helmets currently offers three types of helmets:

  • Gladiator: Approved and rated as a “Recommended Helmet,” the highest rating category, by the NFLPA/NFL and designed for professional play. The Gladiator is an innovative protective system that combines a unique arrangement of patented and durable 3D pads, made of polymer strings, specific to the requirements of the various areas of head protection. The 3D pads can move freely within a flexible lattice to optimize shock absorption depending on where the impact comes from. This system is designed to absorb large amounts of energy without sacrificing the ability to protect against lower energy impacts.
  • LS2: The ultra-strong and light outer-shell is forged from the same tri-weave composite material used by the U.S. military. Borrowed from aerospace technology originally licensed by NASA, the Armor Foam inner-lining is engineered to absorb impact rather than simply redirecting it. Unlike other helmets that use foam cubes, the interior of the LS2 is 100% covered, meaning energy can dissipate safely and efficiently over the entire lining of the helmet. Available in two models: LS2 Varsity and LS2 Youth.
  • SS1: The SS1 softshell headgear is the new standard for flag football, 7v7, non-helmeted practices, soccer and other non-contact sports. The SS1 is made with the same proprietary Armor Foam technology found inside the LS2 Helmet. The energy-absorbing material minimizes impact and significantly reduces the linear and rotational acceleration of the head while protecting other players that may not be wearing head protection. The shape and styling of the SS1 was modeled after the modern era combat helmet giving the SS1 the highest coverage scores for both flag football and soccer.

In addition, LIGHT Helmets offers a full line of accessories including facemasks, chinstraps, fit pad kits and replacement hardware making it easy to recondition helmets.

LIGHT Helmets manufactures and distributes the lightest and safest protective headgear for professional, amateur and youth athletes. Its products are sold direct to professional, amateur and youth sports teams and leagues and are also available at retailers including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart and Scheels. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA. More information is available at

Note to media: A full product catalog and product images are available on request.


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