Milan, CdS: “Tomori that I extend for the Rossoneri renewal”

MILAN, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Milan really want to lock down their great defender, a great discovery of the Rossoneri club.

Grbone step forward in Fikayo Tomori’s renewal negotiation with Milan. In the meeting that took place yesterday at the headquarters, which lasted more than three hours, the foundations were laid for the agreement between the Rossoneri and the strong English central. A general agreement has been found, the agreement between the parties is there, but another meeting will be needed before the definitive white smoke that will lead to the signature. A serene climate and a great desire to continue together. Tomori is well in Milan and hopes to stay there for other years, on the other hand, Mr. Pioli considers the Englishman a pillar of defense for his physical and technical skills but also for his human qualities. Maldini and Massara want to secure him from any offers, they have been working intensely for several months to reach an agreement and there is great confidence in the signing. It is possible that already at the next summit, the signature can be signed up to 2027, while the player should increase his salary up to 3,5 million euros compared to the 2 net he currently receives “.

Christian Marangio


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