Milan, Gazzetta: “The devil sticks in Turin”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As reported by the Gazzetta, Milan has not really put the bench in a great test to date on the pitch with the grenades.

Milan, Gazzetta: “The devil sticks in Turin”

“Milan from the beach Leao takes the field with flip-flops. At 4 ‘, with the door in his face and the ball bouncing in front of him, he svirgola in an unclean way. At 6 ‘, on Diaz’s chocolate, the Portuguese should just push the net, but he goes soft, as if he had just got out of bed. He just misses the yawn. Two unforgivable mistakes that scar the match ”.

“Bad story if Rafa is the indicator of the team’s attitude. In fact, Pioli immediately agitates to wake up the troops. He bangs his fist on his palm to say: “Tougher in contrasts, closer to man!” Unfortunately for him, all of Milan look like Leao. Diaz turns off after a good start, Messias doesn’t turn on. Bennacer is terribly missing, because Pobega proposes himself as a raider, but he does not know how to weave geometries. Theo pushes little. In the worst first half of the season, Milan never shoots on goal and doesn’t pick up a corner. And an excellent Taurus takes advantage of it ”.

“Leao’s two chances could induce Juric to withdraw the defensive line, bravely held high. And he instead he doesn’t do it and that’s how he knocks out the Devil. Miranchuk, Vlasic and Pellegri animate the first pressing, physical and eager; the other two lines come behind, tight and well synchronized. Milan never manages to restart. The Bull has taken the center of the ring and is only waiting for the right moment to give up the punch of the knockout. Tatarusanu at 19 ‘for Pellegri and, on the resulting corner, Schuurs. Here we are. Here is the one-two at the Devil’s chin ”.

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