Monza, TMW: “Brianzoli’s interest in Nandez”

MONZA NANDEZ- Simple finishing done this morning by the men of Stroppa, scheduled for tonight is the match against Roma, the fourth day of Serie A starts.

Monza, TMW: “Brianzoli’s interest in Nandez”

Monza has returned aggressively to the incoming market, shortly after the summer transfer window is over. By the first of September, the Brianzoli want to give Stroppa a complete squad, to cling to salvation in the most peaceful way possible. In the first 3 outings, which ended with as many defeats, the Lombards showed some technical limitations in the median. Pessina and Sensi are still not at the top of their physical form and the former Crotone coach asks for a reinforcement. In addition to the arrival of Nicolò Rovella, taken from Juventus through an annual dry loan, Nahithan Nandez is also aiming. The Uruguayan is in force at Liverani’s Cagliari, in Serie B, and deserves a more competitive place and the Italian top flight would like to welcome him back with open arms. Galliani will therefore try to probe the ground with the Sardinians who could free him, only permanently, to head towards Pippo Falco from the Red Star. Time is running out, Berlusconi is attentive to the possibilities to bring so much experience and strength to the UPower Stadium.


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