Naples, Gazzetta: “Lobotka the blue pin”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports, every self-respecting team has its great weapons to attack the game.

Naples, Gazzetta: “Lobotka the blue pin”

“Lobo for Bergamo And in fact, in that replacement of Lobotka, Spalletti was rightly thinking of Saturday’s match against Atalanta in Bergamo, essential for staying on the run in the league. And the always safe dribble of the Slovakian can put even Gasperini’s excellent team in crisis. As happened at Anfield, with Fabinho and also Firmino who tried hard and hard to stop the Slovak but failed. Even Konaté got a yellow card to prevent the top from overcoming the opposing pressure for the umpteenth time, to set up an open field. Someone ventures important comparisons with Xavi or Iniesta. In fact, the continuity of performance of the Slovak director is monstrous and with Di Lorenzo we talk about the irreplaceable of this Napoli. Those always kept out of alternations or turn over, if you prefer ”.

Naples, Gazzetta: “Lobotka the blue pin”

“Reading Also because dismissing this match as a simple defeat can be good for almanacs. Napoli did not lose in terms of play, on the contrary they kept their opponent in check for a long time, proving to be superior in managing the match. In the end, Liverpool’s “pride” made the difference and surely all of Napoli will have to ask themselves how to better manage set pieces in the defensive phase. But he can do it in serenity, without environmental pressures and without this small spot, washable (the first place has arrived and with this a perhaps less complicated eighth-final), can affect. Indeed, perhaps having interrupted this magnificent series with 13 consecutive victories takes away some of the international spotlight and helps Napoli to concentrate on the championship for now ”.

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Napoli, Gazzetta: “Spalletti loses the first of the season”

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