Official Certor Sports Statement on VICIS ZERO2 Helmet

PLAINFIELD, Ind.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Below is a statement from Certor Sports on the performance and testing of the VICIS ZERO2 Helmet.

“At VICIS, athlete safety is our top priority. Extreme conditions like those experienced in Saturday evening’s NFL playoff game are bound to test the limits of even the highest performing products. While outer shell damage is not ideal, the ZERO2 helmet did its job of protecting Patrick Mahomes during a head-to-head impact in unprecedented cold temperatures. The exclusive multi-layer technology employed in the VICIS ZERO2 helmet model utilizes a deformable outer shell, RFLX impact absorption layer, followed by a stiff inner shell. This design approach is similar to the crumple zone of modern cars, effectively absorbing and dispersing impact forces at the point of contact. This technology, which has earned the top ratings of the NFL Performance Testing rankings and sits atop the Virginia Tech ratings, has been adopted by several athletes across the NFL, NCAA , and throughout high school and youth football.

“VICIS helmets are extensively tested in high-impact conditions across a wide range of temperatures. We are committed to continuing our development of the safest helmets in football and working with our partners in the NFL and other organizations to constantly gain knowledge and continuously advance protective technology. We remain focused on protecting athletes at every level of play by developing the highest performing products available. As the leader in technology advancement within the football protective space, our confidence in the superior performance of our helmet designs has never been greater.”

About Certor Sports

Certor Sports, LLC, located in Plainfield, Indiana, is a domestic sporting goods manufacturer and parent company for leading protective and equipment brands, including VICIS, Schutt Sports, TUCCI, and more. From protection to performance, Certor Sports has developed emerging technologies used by athletes from MVP-caliber professionals to youth athletes competing each weekend. To learn more, visit


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