Ori Inc. Partners With NFL Players Association and Gergens Dental Lab to Provide Comprehensive Athlete Care

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Days before Super Bowl LVIII, Ori Inc. — a leading provider of high-accuracy intraoral scans — announces its involvement with Gergens Dental Lab, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), and the Living Heart Foundation (LHF). This collaboration provides sleep apnea screening and treatment to NFL players nationwide via NFLPA’s mobile clinics.

About Ori’s Involvement With NFLPA Mobile Health Clinics

These mobile clinics focus on players’ overall health and have brought together world-class medical and dental professionals from across the country. At recent mobile clinic events, Ori scanned 50+ players within 4 hours, which wouldn’t typically be possible with traditional silicone impression methods. Gergens then uses these scans to fabricate sleep apnea devices for the players.

“… for us old guys that played in the early 1970s, this is very important for us… We are all reaching the age where we need to get these things taken care of.” — Steve Holden, Former NFL Player

Andre Collins & David Gergen Put Players First

David Gergen, Founder/CEO of Gergens Dental Lab and President of ProPlayer Health Alliance, has been instrumental in these events. David ensures players with sleep apnea receive needed screening, education, and treatment. His lab provides athletes with free take-home sleep apnea tests and intraoral scans from Ori. They’ve replaced unreliable traditional impressions with more accurate scans from Ori so that within two weeks, Gergens can fabricate sleep apnea devices for those who test positive.

“My goal is to help maintain overall good health among the players by treating their sleep apnea.” – David Gergen

Andre Collins, Executive Director of the NFL Players Association, is another driving force in ensuring NFL players’ well-being. At the mobile clinic events, it’s evident how much Andre cares about his players and works tirelessly to prioritize their health.

Reggie White’s Sleep Apnea Advocacy

Reggie White, a former NFL legend, suffered from sleep apnea. The Reggie White Foundation actively raises awareness about the dangers of untreated sleep apnea in athletes.

“We recognize the role that sleep apnea played in cutting Reggie’s life short and want to help people of all economic backgrounds to understand the symptoms and risks of this disorder.” — The Reggie White Foundation

The foundation’s push for sleep apnea awareness continues to inspire and drive change. Thanks in part to Reggie, sleep apnea awareness and treatment are active priorities with the NFL Players Association today.

About Ori Scanning

Ori Scanning is a leading provider of high-accuracy full-arch intraoral scans, revolutionizing the dental industry with advanced scanning technology. Through its philanthropic mission and a commitment to accuracy, Ori has emerged as a trusted partner in comprehensive care for athletes and individuals seeking exceptional medical and dental solutions. The company is eager to make a difference and contribute to athlete well-being.



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