Osimhen, Oliveira: “Is he making a difference in Serie A. Vlahovic? I had foreseen his future “

OSIMHEN OLIVEIRA – Luis Oliveira, former Fiorentina and Cagliari player, spoke at “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio.

Osimhen, Oliveira: “Is he making a difference in Serie A. Vlahovic? I had foreseen his future “

Fiorentina lost Vlahovic in January, Napoli may not have Osimhen: how will the coaches make up for the shortcomings?
“In Florence we no longer speak of Vlahovic, it is a closed chapter. He has found another solution, he is still capable in front. Osimhen is making the difference in our championship, Spalletti could give Mertens a chance ”.

Did you expect such a major explosion of Osimhen?
“It has always been like this, even when I arrived in Serie A it was a year of great sacrifice, I played very little, I had to convince Mazzone that he would leave me on the bench, then when I entered I scored goals. In the second year I did well, it’s normal for a different championship when you arrive. For Napoli it would be a huge loss “.

Cagliari is playing for salvation, do you think they will succeed?
“It’s a team that I have in my heart. The year before, Semplici had made a difference, but they sent him away on the third day. He lost the first three and was sent away, at the moment they don’t have patience, I think that with him who had an open dialogue with many players he could have done better. Mazzarri has arrived and in the last 4 games he hasn’t scored points: Cagliari is there, but in some moments he is unable to express football as before “.

Is it true that Batistuta had very tight shoes?
“He wanted to pull power, that’s true. Fiorentina took me after Baiano’s injury, I always had an open dialogue with Batistuta because I wanted to understand how he played. With Antognoni he was the strongest player in Fiorentina ”.

Is it thanks to Italiano that the sale of Vlahovic hasn’t weighed on the Viola gaming economy?
“When the boy no longer wanted to sign the renewal contract, they called me to find out my thoughts on a radio. Juventus obviously pisses off the fans when the players go there. We already knew that he would go there “

Marco Chiavazzo

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