Pison Launches New Class of Sports Performance Wearable with Sponsorship of NASCAR Driver Anthony Alfredo

Pison READY cognitive performance tool for athletes launches with support from rising Daytona 500 contender


Anthony Alfredo, renowned NASCAR Driver of the #5 Chevrolet in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and early adopter of Pison READY, attests to its impact on his performance, stating, “Pison has allowed me to make discoveries about myself as a person and as an athlete that I didn’t already know. It helps me operate at my peak functionality.” Pison’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of athletic excellence is underscored by its collaboration with Alfredo for the 2024 racing season and beyond.

Pison READY, featuring Pison’s groundbreaking ENG technology, uses a neural sensor with passive electrodes on the surface of the skin for highly precise and reliable on-body measurements of the athlete’s nervous system and brain function. Athletes have the flexibility to conduct self-tests around the clock, whether at home, in the training facility, or even on the sidelines. This enables them to optimize their training progress for greater mental performance and detect any impairment that might result from inadequate sleep, dehydration, sickness, concussive and sub-concussive brain injuries, or lifestyle choices such as consuming drugs or alcohol.

Pison READY enables athletes to measure their cognitive state using three of the most widely accepted protocols in cognitive psychology:

  • Simple Reaction Time (SRT) Test: Measures the response of your motor cortex to provide a snapshot of your mental acuity or readiness.
  • Go/No-Go (GNG) Test: Engages your prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for executive control functions, to gauge your capacity to make quick, accurate decisions. This is the best predictor of in-game performance.
  • Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT): The world’s gold standard test for measuring alertness. Engages your brain’s sustained attention network located in the parietal lobe to assess your ability to sustain focus on tasks.

Pison READY maintains baselines and provides trend reports comparing current scores to past results to quantify decline or improvement. Users can also compare their cognitive abilities to their peers, teammates, and rivals.

“We’re excited to launch Pison READY, a tool that’s poised to transform athletic performance. Athletes now have access to unprecedented means to measure, track, and enhance their cognitive skills,” stated Pison’s CEO, John Croteau. “Anthony Alfredo was instrumental in the development of this key innovation at Pison. He was involved from the start, offering essential guidance on how our neural technology could boost his preparation and performance in races. In recognition of Anthony’s contribution, it’s our honor to sponsor him for the 2024 NASCAR season.”

Pison READY is now available at Pison offers three membership options from three months for $59, a year for $119, and two years for $199. Each membership includes a free wearable device.

About Pison Technology

Pison is advancing the frontier of human potential with the world’s first AI-infused, neural biosensing platform. Patented, non-invasive electroneurography (ENG) algorithms create life-changing applications in cognitive performance, disease diagnostics and management, and ongoing care. Pison began in 2016 with funding from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National Science Foundation and the ALS Association to help patients with neurodegenerative disorders better navigate the world made smaller by their diseases. By harnessing the power of the mind in real-time, users gain access to better health and higher achievement in every domain while reaching peak mental and physical performance on the playing field, in the office, and behind the wheel of a car.


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