Rebet Launches Free-to-Play Social Sportsbook

Freemium Platform Set to Revolutionize Sports Betting Experience with Peer-to-Peer Contests and Dynamic Social Engagement Model

App to Include Official and Real-time Data for More than 60 Professional and College Sports Leagues

HANOVER, N.H.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rebet, a new free-to-play social sportsbook, today announced its official launch. The Rebet App, which is now available for download in the App Store across 47 U.S. states, is set to revolutionize the sports betting experience with first-of-its-kind features including an entire social sportsbook, peer-to-peer contests, and dynamic user social feeds.

Overall, the Rebet App will provide users with access to official and real-time data for more than 60 professional and college sports leagues.

Founded by current students at Dartmouth College who boast diverse expertise across economics, technology, entrepreneurship, and software development, Rebet takes a community-centric approach to the social sports betting experience. The platform is free-to-play and boasts several groundbreaking features to ensure the platform is accessible, fun, and inclusive for everyone, allowing sports fans of all kinds to connect, share, and celebrate their love for sports.

“Sports fandom is about our desire for social interaction and community, and until today those elements have been missing in both traditional and social sportsbooks,” said Carson Hubbard, CEO of Rebet. “Rebet is revolutionizing this experience with all the essential elements of the sports betting experience in one easy-to-use and interactive app. We know users are going to love our experience and we are thrilled to introduce Rebet to the world.”

Rebet reimagines the conventional sports betting journey, enhancing it with a social dimension that encourages interaction among sports fans. Through its innovative social media feeds, Rebet takes features like followers, posts, comments, and DM to create an engaging community atmosphere.

“Today is a historic day for Rebet as we are bringing together the sports betting community like never before in a seamless app offering unprecedented features,” said Bella DiGiovanni, CMO of Rebet. “With access to official data across all their favorite sports, we are providing our community with a new, and incredible, experience on Rebet.”

The “Rebet” Button and “Peer-to-Peer” Contests

Named after its signature “Rebet” button, Rebet facilitates seamless collaboration among users, giving community members the option to duplicate anyone’s pick with a simple click of a button.

The app also revolutionizes the sports betting experience by introducing an unparalleled peer-to-peer contest feature, setting a new standard in the industry. This innovative approach transforms the traditional sportsbook landscape by empowering users to engage directly with their friends in spirited competition, challenging each other’s sports knowledge and strategies.

Moreover, unlike conventional platforms where wagers are placed against predetermined odds or the house, Rebet’s groundbreaking feature places the power in the hands of the players. Users can now create personalized contests, set their own terms, and compete in a more dynamic, interactive environment, deepening the social connections within the community, making every wager a personal duel of wits and prediction prowess.

For more information on Rebet, please visit, and download the app here on the App Store.

About Rebet

Rebet is a first-of-its-kind, free-to-play social sportsbook where fans can connect, share, and celebrate their love for sports.

Launched in February 2024, Rebet is transforming the sports betting experience with a community-centric approach powered by a dynamic social media model that allows users to compete against their friends in “peer-to-peer” contests and ride out picks with their friends using the patent pending “Rebet” feature. Through our innovative social media feed and easy-to-read lines, the Rebet App provides an engaging community atmosphere that is accessible, inclusive, and interactive for all, regardless of their traditional sports betting knowledge.

Rebet provides access to official and real-time data for more than 60 professional and college sports leagues, offering an unmatched user experience.

The Rebet App is available for free download here in the App Store. For more information on Rebet, please visit


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