Rome, CdS: “Italy in sight in the final of the Conference”

ROME, CDS – As reported by the newspaper CdS, in the evening today Italy will be in full European view given the challenge between Rome and Leicester for the final of the Conference. To date, Mou’s team has their eyes on the life of the great opportunity that could really bring an Italian team back to a European final, in this case the first of the Conference League. The Giallorossi from Capitoline will really want to give their people a memorable evening, as important has been the path of the boys up to now. The pressure is a lot, but with Josè behind him everything is really very different.

Rome, CdS: “Italy in sight in the final of the Conference”

it is the only Italian team left in Europe, Roma, that this evening the Conference League final will be played against Leicester. Mourinho calls the fans together: “The 70 from the Olimpico on the pitch with us”. It starts from 1-1 of the first leg. Mou’s team will be pushed further by a huge crowd flocked to the Olympic stadium which today is a fort for the hosts who often command operations. The future of the match is in the hands of Roma and Roma, for a night different from the others.

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