Salernitana, TMW: “The Campani close to closing for 2 hits”

SALERNITANA TMW- Salernitana did some finishing work in the morning, today the Campanians will challenge Sampdoria at 18:30.

Salernitana, TMW: “The Campani close to closing for 2 hits”

Salernitana is very active on the incoming market, just a short time away from the end of the summer window, scheduled for September 1st at 20:00. The ds De Sanctis, at the first experience in this role, he led a market made of level shots mixed with young people of perspective. And now it is preparing for a closure aimed more at utility than at the final market bang. In defense, according to the TMW portal, it is virtually made for Daniliuc: 5 million at Nice, four years to the player, only the signature is missing. In attack, however, a fourth striker is sought to be supplied to Nicola. There are two names on the list: Michael Batshuayi could arrive in Campania with a considerable economic effort. But if the profile convinces in today’s match, then it is possible that Salernitana falls back on another young man on the launching pad. An under in midfield is also expected: Rovella moves further and further away and the chosen one looks like Bove, who Roma will release as soon as Wijnaldum’s replacement is formalized.


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