Super Bowl LVIII Sponsor Media Value and Brand Visibility Sees 7% Boost from Prior Years in Relo Metrics Analysis of Broadcast, Streaming and Social

Report Available for Download Analyzes Brand Exposure, Visibility, Media Value and Social Insights in Look at NFL Brand Partner Performance Shown On-Camera…in Stands, in Stadium, on The Sphere and at Las Vegas Hotels

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Data on sponsor brand success during the Super Bowl LVIII broadcast on February 11, 2024 is outlined in a new report from Relo Metrics that provides insight into brand sponsor performance on and off the field during the game telecast.

As the most-watched sports league in the United States, the NFL stands head and shoulders above the other leagues. With a new record this year with more than 123 million broadcast and streaming viewers — the most-watched telecast of all time — the Super Bowl provided sponsor brands with solid exposure and ROI during the event.

Some of the main takeaways from Relo Metric’s data that are found in the report:

  • Nike’s jersey partnership accounted for 60% of sponsored exposures during Super Bowl LVIII.
  • State Farm’s Halftime Report netted the brand $16 million in media value.
  • Allegiant branding on the stadium (part of their regular season naming rights deal with the Las Vegas Raiders) generated $7.3 million, and 81% of value for Allegiant was generated through interior signage that was often clearly exposed before kickoffs, during punts and after touchdowns.
  • Las Vegas hotels received $4.1 million in media value from aerial shots during the Super Bowl.
  • Verizon’s takeover of the Las Vegas Sphere during the broadcast generated $2.5 million in media value in one exposure for the brand.
  • The full media value potential of Chiefs-owned social accounts during Super Bowl weekend was $10.6 million, which increased by $3.5 million from last season.

“Super Bowl ads are not the only game in town — sponsor visibility on the field, in the stands and in cutaways by aerial and remote cameras during the game broadcast as well as on social media provide substantial benefits for brands,” said Jay Prasad, CEO of Relo Metrics. “Every camera angle contains brand exposure – from the Nike logo on player uniforms, Gatorade on the bench and the Allegiant name on the stadium to products in the stands and logos on hotels as well as new approaches like branding on The Sphere.”

“In the past, measurement of the effectiveness was sorely lacking,” continued Prasad, “but now with new AI and computer vision tools we can gauge the true ROI for these subtle yet effective placements.”

To determine valuation for the report, Relo Metrics used computer vision to analyze video and stream frames that capture logo-heavy target areas. Relo Metrics examined the game in three-second by three-second video snippets, producing data that includes factors like number of exposures, duration of exposure, clarity of exposure, and share a voice of exposure. The solution provides a credible, accurate and third-party valuation for rights holders, media companies, leagues, teams, brands and agencies.

The “Analyzing Brand Exposure Visibility and Media Value in Super Bowl LVIII” report is now available as a free download from Relo Metrics at

Brand Exposure, Valuation and Social Insights: 2023 NFL Regular Season

For those interested in data from the NFL 2023 regular season, Relo Metrics has recently done an analysis of U.S. television feeds of all games as well as all social media value. For their analysis, Relo captured every single live match and social post for all 32 NFL franchises from the 2023 regular season measured on broadcast and social; the numbers confirm the league’s prominent role in the industry. Of the 272 live matches analyzed, there were 92.2 billion social impressions with brand value and $2.3 billion In Total Sponsor Media Value. There were 498,000 total brand exposures generating 15,400,440 total seconds of brand exposure. Data in the report includes:

  • Ranking the brands that received the highest values during the 2023 NFL regular season.
  • Social media platform growth in 2023, total Sponsor Media Value and average Sponsor Media Value per exposure by platform.
  • Top-earning brands and placements.
  • The most valuable placements across the NFL in terms of asset.
  • The impact of A-list celebrity guests on Monday Night Football.

The report is now available at for free download.

About Relo Metrics

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Hannah Shain, VP Marketing, Relo Metrics,
Season Skuro (US) / Shawn Belluigi (EMEA), Bubble Agency for Relo Metrics,

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