“Swinging into South Carolina” RecNation Marks Milestone: Completes 60th Acquisition and Expands into 7th State in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

RecNation Reaches New Heights: Completes 60th Acquisition and Expands into 7th State!


With the growing trend of remote work, “the work from anywhere” tendencies are not slowing down as the share of employees working remotely prior to the pandemic was 30%, compared to 48% now. Today’s high inflationary environment makes camping and RV travel one of the easiest and affordable ways for families to spend time together…doing a little something different. The demand for recreational activities such as camping and RV travel is skyrocketing. A recent article by KOA Pressroom highlights a record-breaking number of 58 million people planning camping and RV trips this year. This represents a significant increase from previous years. Additionally, the report highlights the 2024 travel goals and predictions for new camping experiences and new campers full-time RVing has nearly doubled from 17% to 31%. The report not only forecasts an increase in the number of camping enthusiasts but also predicts a wave of fresh experiences and opportunities for both seasoned campers and newcomers alike.

Gary Wojtaszek, Chief Camper of RecNation, expressed excitement about the company’s expansion into South Carolina, one of the largest camping and RV markets in the country. “We are excited about our first of many planned acquisitions into South Carolina as it’s one of the largest Camping and RV markets in the country,” said Gary Wojtaszek, Chief Camper. “We are continuing our expansion into the sunbelt states with a presence in 50% of the fastest growing states in the country, which should allow us to continue to benefit from the demographic population shifts in those markets. However, I’m more excited about the sophistication of the operating platform we’ve built, which allows us to efficiently tuck in acquisitions across the country as our entire sales, rental, payment, and access control systems are completely automated and centralized. We do not believe any storage operator in the country demonstrates this level of automation and sophistication.”

South Carolina boasts an array of natural wonders, including 47 state parks and hundreds of miles of beaches and lakes, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Entry into South Carolina also provides RecNation a presence in the two fastest-growing states in the country in 2023 South Carolina and Florida were the two fastest-growing states in the nation, growing by 1.7% and 1.6%, respectively.

With the addition of its 60th facility, RecNation’s portfolio now features 17,000 units spread across 600 acres of space, offering RV rentals, industry-leading third-party management services, and licensed RV dealerships. This expansion not only underscores RecNation’s commitment to providing top-tier facilities, but also signifies its dedication to serving the evolving needs of the recreational vehicle community.

About RecNation:

RecNation, founded to address the growing need for specialized RV and boat storage facilities, stands as the nation’s premier recreational storage operator, acquiring, building, and managing facilities across the United States. Since its establishment in 2020, RecNation has expanded its footprint to 60 locations spanning Texas, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, and South Carolina serving a burgeoning community of outdoor enthusiasts seeking secure storage solutions. With strategic partnerships with WOJO Capital Partners, LLC and Centerbridge Partners, L.P., RecNation accelerates its mission to become a national platform catering to recreational and marine storage needs.

As the largest owner, operator, and developer of specialized RV and boat storage facilities in the country, RecNation remains committed to providing premium services and peace of mind for RV and boat owners, ensuring convenience and security for their recreational pursuits.

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Emily Schwartz

Marketing Associate

Written by SerieAUKWire

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