The Antera Brand Back at the Summit of Light Alloy-wheel Producers

Ambassador: Roberto Baggio


  • The Antera brand makes its comeback on the world stage during the 2024 Milan Design Week with a new collection of light alloy wheels. A premium made-in-Italy brand, Antera combines timeless design, cutting-edge technology, and the determination to overcome any obstacle.
  • Its ambassador is the football champion Roberto Baggio, who, thanks to his successful career and winning mindset, is the perfect embodiment of the Italian’s brand spirit of ‘No Compromise’.
  • The new Antera advertising campaign’s slogan, “Where instinct meets genius, the myth becomes legend”, attests to the dedication, courage, and vision of a brand which is able to project itself into the future.
  • Antera was founded in Milan in 1991 and has produced some of the most iconic models in the field, including the Type 109, a three-spoke wheel that was named as “Alloy Wheel Design of the Year 1994”. G.M.P. Group, a company specialized in the global design and production of alloy wheels, is responsible for bringing it back to its former glory through an ambitious and solid investment plan.
  • HPE LAB, the hyper-technological Renaissance-inspired powerhouse, expertly combines the most modern production technologies with an innovative approach to design and engineering.
  • The new Antera collection features five different models of various dimensions, from 19 inches to 24 inches, and seven finishes. The star of the selection is the A303 HPE FORGED wheel which unites elegance and sturdiness.
  • Research and development, technology and design, sustainability and digitalization are the driving forces behind G.M.P., which is about to write another compelling page in its history with the Panther brand.
  • Over the last few years, G.M.P. Group has seen significant growth in Italy and especially abroad, where it takes in more than 80% of its total turnover. Its main markets, as of today, are Italy, Germany, and Northern Europe.
  • Since the end of 2023, Eulero Capital has made its entry into the groups’ share capital in order to support the ambitious five-year plan of global expansion and the relaunch of the legendary Antera brand.

The wait is over. Today, on the occasion of the 2024 Milan Design Week, the prestigious Antera brand makes its comeback on the global scene with a new collection of light alloy wheels for the automotive industry. The collection will be inaugurated by the brand’s ambassador Roberto Baggio, the footballing legend who, thanks to his successful career and winning mindset, is the perfect embodiment of the Italian brand’s spirit of ‘No Compromise’.

The choice of the famous Number 10 of the Italian national team, a radiant example of sporting excellence, perseverance, and generosity, contributes to reinforcing the slogan at the center of the Antera’s new campaign: “Where instinct meets genius, the myth becomes legend”. Indeed, Roberto Baggio, the winner of the 1993 Ballon d’Or and a playmaker with refined technique and unique style, has proven that the most important goals, as regards both sport and everyday life, are achieved through commitment and quality which does not take shortcuts, but rather prizes dedication, courage, and vision. These are the same ingredients of the ‘No Compromise’ philosophy which G.M.P. Group, a company specialized in the global design and production of alloy wheels, intends to employ to bring the historic Panther brand back to its former glory.

Marco Mancin, Head of G.M.P. Group, states: “Originally, the founder Marco Muzzarelli’s vision guided the Antera brand via the principle of ‘No Compromise’, creating a place where dreams and reality could come together and desire be turned into creation. This led to prestigious and invaluable products which reached across space and time to achieve the most authentic expression of excellence. Today, with the same winning mindset and an important five-year plan, we are writing a new page in Antera’s history that will bring the brand back to the Mt. Olympus of light alloy-wheel producers.”

Marco Finazzi, Chief Commercial Officer: “We have always been innovators and visionaries in our field, and we aim to restore luster to the Brand through the development of innovation, identification, and a process of concrete internationalization. One thing that will never change is our loyalty to the fundamental values which forged the brand’s world-renowned identity, and the determination to pursue our business vision whatever the challenges that emerge along the way. And we are sure other companies of the group will want to share a common path towards growth and development in their fields, always relying on the philosophy of ‘No Compromise’. With this frame of mind, we want to challenge the status quo in order to offer unconventional products that are able to anticipate the needs of an exclusive clientele.

The origins of a myth forged over the years in pursuit of ‘No Compromise’

World-renowned for its innovative design and meticulous attention to detail, the Antera Brand is still remembered for developing some of the most celebrated models in the industry, such as the Type 109 three-spoke wheel which brought home numerous prestigious international awards—including the highly coveted “Alloy Wheel Design of the Year 1994” title. Founded in 1991 in Milan by Marco Muzzarelli, the Panther brand has been a major player on the automotive scene in the past decades, offering elite wheels globally which are made with new standards in design and production. Later, the brand continued its steady and progressive rise and, at the end of 2011, was enriched with a wide range of products with exemplary technical and stylistic features to perfectly reflect the essence and uniqueness of the Italian brand. The basis of Antera’s success has always been the continuous search for excellence, both in the creative and executive fields, without ever compromising and with an eye on tomorrow. After all, the name Antera is made up of the Latin words Ante (before) and Aera (era), which perfectly sum up its vision: getting ahead of the times with authentic masterpieces forged by the skilled hands of master craftsmen who imbue the quality and precision of Italian design into every detail. That is why these designs are a living testimony to a cultural heritage and a deep-rooted passion that, through the use of cutting-edge technologies and a rigorous manufacturing philosophy, are shaped and perfected in Italian factories. Antera is an ambassador of luxury which encapsulates time, history, and innovation without boundaries.

A premium Made-in-Italy brand: timeless design, cutting-edge technology and a winning attitude

From conception to design and engineering to production, Antera’s entire industrial process takes place “in house” and is powered by renewable energy in a virtuous circuit that internalizes processes, optimizing them to achieve maximum efficiency. The company’s trademark is the synergistic work between the various departments that allows for the best design ideas to be transformed into unique and prestigious products. Underlying this creative process, in which the art of creating forms meets the most innovative technology to materialize them, daily dialogue between designers and engineers takes place using advanced design software, FEM calculations, and modeling systems in a direct line with the production department. This synergy between creativity and technology results in products with a unique personality that are an ideal extension of the character of the car for which they were designed and made. This leads to the Casting department where state-of-the-art equipment transforms the raw material into a tangible form. The industrialization of production processes on the basis of “lean-production” allows for both the normal success of G.M.P. Group wheels and high and efficient productivity. The same approach to excellence is again found in the departments where machining is carried out on semi-finished products from the foundry. This is where prestigious finishes are made to create unique products through a fully automated processing cycle that guarantees serial quality at every single stage. The creation of these ingenious Italian masterpieces ends in the innovative painting plant, which is perfectly integrated into the factory and ensures the highest quality of execution and full control of the production chain at all stages. Finally, it should be mentioned that all G.M.P. Group products are approved and certified in compliance with international standards and are the result of company processes which are marked by excellence to ensure compliance with strict quality regulations.

HPE LAB, hyper-technology meets Renaissance values

Inspired by the Renaissance concept which sees the combination of Art and Science as not only possible but also desirable, G.M.P. Group has placed the combination of the latest manufacturing technologies and an innovative and creative approach to design & engineering at the heart of the relaunch of Antera. This new and key part of creating cutting-edge products takes shape through the activities of the team that makes up the new HPE LAB division—an acronym for High Performances Engineering Laboratory—where ideas become authentic masterpieces with Made-in-Italy appeal. Specifically, HPE LAB is not only the pinnacle of engineering dedicated to the creation of high-performance products, but also embodies an empathetic approach to design and manufacturing, going beyond the simple pursuit of performance. It is, in fact, about deeply understanding customers’ needs and expectations, integrating innovative solutions that meet not only functional, but also emotional and aesthetic demands. This led to the revolutionary process of the Antera HPE LAB team which, by overcoming the conventional limits of low-pressure casting, opened up new design possibilities without affecting the very high levels of strength and lightness. So, the new division not only thinks outside the box, but also sets new standards of excellence, allowing the Style Center to fully express the beauty of every single alloy-wheel model.

The new and exclusive Antera collection

Antera’s exclusive collection comes in 5 models (A101, A103, A105, A107 and A303), each of which has different dimensions between 19” and 24” and no less than seven sophisticated finishes: Piano Black Diamond, Moon Grey Diamond, Piano Black, Silver Ice, Stone Bronze, Satin Champagne and Piano Black Champagne. The star of the new line is the A303 HPE FORGED model which combines elegance and strength into a unique work of design and engineering. This is accomplished by using HPE FORGED technology, which on the one hand provides superior strength and lightness while, on the other hand, allows for unprecedented levels of precision and detail in design. With this top-of-the-line wheel, Antera becomes a symbol of stylistic and technological supremacy. Furthermore, enhanced by its large size (24″) and eye-catching Piano Black Diamond finish, the A303 HPE FORGED is the ideal solution for cars and features a design which is as sophisticated as it is bold—the same peculiarities expressed by Antera’s new rim. The A101 model also stands out for its muscular nature combined with refined elegance. Indeed, its bold lines and strategically designed intersections catch and amplify light, enhancing the aesthetics of the car on which it is mounted, offering a perfect balance of strength and class. Perfect for exclusive cars, the A101 highlights both the elegance of the vehicle and adds a touch of sportiness and aggression, giving the car a balance between traditional sophistication and a modern boldness. Four finishes are available: Piano Black Diamond, a deep black with diamond sparkle; Moon Grey Diamond, a moon gray with diamond shine; Piano Black, a deep, sophisticated black; and finally Stone Bronze, a warm, natural hue that evokes ruggedness. To be outside the box is to challenge the status quo, to break free from preconceptions and embrace a timeless aesthetic. This unique appeal is embodied by the A103 model, which exhibits precise lines by dissecting the wheel into distinct segments, each of which is made with meticulous care. This subdivision does not sacrifice aesthetic consistency, but instead elevates it. The inspiration comes from geometry which is so perfect that it almost seems to have been designed by nature itself. Each shape is the result of a careful study by Antera’s HPE LAB in which emotion and science come together in an exclusive design, embodying absolute personality and unparalleled aesthetic supremacy. There are four finishes to choose from: Piano Black Diamond, which blends deep black with diamond surfaces; Moon Grey Diamond, a lunar gray base with diamond detailing; Piano Black, with a uniformly black surface offering timeless sophistication and power; and Silver Ice, for a uniform sheen that evokes innovation and gives the A103 wheel a futuristic appeal. The collection’s A105 model features bold and decisive shapes that transcend traditional lines, making it an icon of style and sportiness. Its perfect symmetries catch the eye while the sharp asperities retain an unexpected balance. Created for discerning customers that aspire to excellence without compromise, the A105 wheel embodies the Antera HPE LAB’s commitment to innovation and is the result of advanced low-pressure casting techniques, producing shapes and silhouettes that rival the excellence of the forged world. Ideal on cars that already are icons themselves and benchmarks of the entire automotive industry, the A105 is available in Piano Black Diamond and Moon Grey Diamond finishes which shine with elegance; meanwhile, Stone Bronze and Piano Black Champagne combine sophistication and grandeur and introduce new beauty and distinction standards in wheel design. Finally, Antera’s new collection offers the A107 model, a masterpiece of engineering where aluminum, cast in purity, undergoes painstaking craftsmanship to create a wheel with an unmistakable design. It is a masterpiece of symmetry and proportion where each spoke, designed with artistic precision, reflects the harmony between man and nature, embodying the perfection of the golden ratio. The A 107 is not only a tribute to Renaissance genius, but also represents the meeting of classical art and automotive modernity, combining aesthetics and functionality in a timeless design. The imposing yet meticulously balanced structure defies the boundaries between sturdiness and grace. Moreover, this wheel tells the story of craftsmanship through fine details etched into the aluminum. Four finishes are available: Piano Black, Silver Ice, Stone Bronze, and Satin Champagne.

G.M.P. Group, its origins and new corporate structure

Founded 20 years ago, G.M.P. Group is a company specialized in the design and production of light alloy wheels for the international automotive industry. The company employs about 150 people at its headquarters in the province of Bergamo, which covers a total area of 27,000 sqm—16,000 sqm of which is dedicated to the various production departments and about 500 sqm to offices. Its products of design and technological excellence are mainly intended for the Italian, German, and Northern European markets. In recent years, it has also recorded significant development in Italy and especially abroad, where it makes more than 80% of its revenues, with an annual turnover of about 40 million euros and an operating margin close to 20%.

At the end of 2023, G.M.P. Group opened its share capital to the entry of Eulero Capital, which acquired 51% of the Bergamo-based group to support the company’s new growth phase. This is a strategic corporate transaction which will allow the company to continue the process of product enhancement, innovation, and international growth. In particular, the entry of Eulero Capital and its partners, together with Banca Ifis and other shareholders, aims to support Marco Mancin, the Group’s founder and current CEO, and the management team in the development of new products of the GMP Italia brand, the relaunch of the prestigious Antera brand, and a strong international expansion, including targeted acquisitions in key countries and direct entry in non-European markets as well. Alfredo Altavilla, a manager who holds primary roles at the international level in the automotive world and other sectors, has also joined the board to support the project.

Social and environmental commitments as a key to local development

Along with process technologies and product innovation, G.M.P. Group pursues a development strategy that increasingly integrates ESG issues in both product offerings and business execution in terms of People, Environment, and Corporate Governance. After all, sustainability represents a well-defined social and environmental commitment in the Bergamo-based group’s corporate vision, which includes actively contributing to the development of the territory and community in which it operates. For this reason, the company’s leadership has planned a more than €10-million investment program to support a new business plan for the next five years which focuses on product innovation, energy efficiency, and welfare. The group has stood out for several years for its genuine and deep commitment to promoting an environmentally sustainable corporate culture. The most recent step taken in this direction was the photovoltaic system installed at the end of 2022 on the roof of the plant. The implementation of the new system was a tangible expression of G.M.P. Group’s desire to reduce its environmental impact and actively promote the use of clean, renewable energy. In addition, the PV plant’s production control panel is accessible and visible to all, allowing for an open, environmentally sustainable culture with the community, customers, and suppliers. Weekly data on energy produced, CO2 saved, and trees saved is available at the following link.

Digital and technological transition to confidently face tomorrow

G.M.P. Group is leading the digital and technological transition with constant investment, including remote services for customers and suppliers and management and communication cross-sharing processes on digital platforms that ensure timely dialogue without borders. Research and development, technology and design, sustainability and international expansion are the driving elements behind both the rebirth of Antera and the development of the Bergamo-based company’s new products—always focusing on the excellence of “Made in Italy” in terms of design, quality, innovation and respect for the environment. The appointment to get a closer look at the new life of the Panther brand and G.M.P. Group’s ambitious industrial plan is set for the days of Milan Design Week, April 15-21, when several on-site activations and social networks will reveal every detail.

A stylistic and technical champion on and off the field

Born in 1967 in Caldogno, Veneto, Roberto Baggio’s sporting career ran from 1982 to 2004, playing for Italy’s most prestigious Serie A teams and winning two league titles—an Italian Cup, a UEFA Cup, and the 1993 Ballon d’Or. That same year he met peace master Daisaku Ikeda in Tokyo to whom he gave his Italy “10” jersey—a magic number that he shared with two champions he admired as a child: Zico of the Brazilian national team and the unforgettable Paolo Rossi. The latter was his childhood hero child, with Biaggio even writing an open letter to him, published by the Gazzetta dello Sport, which recounts the trips he took on the barrel of his father’s bike to reach the Menti stadium in Vicenza to enjoy the player who would become the Pablito of the national team in 1982. Always far from the mundane and a lover of the outdoors, he has been a farmer since retiring from soccer and currently lives in Altavilla Vicentina with his wife and three children. In addition, he has written an autobiography, A Door in the Sky, and his life and career have been chronicled in a Netflix/Mediaset series, Il Divin Codino (2021) directed by Letizia Lamartire. Nicknamed “Raphael” for his soccer flair, Baggio converted to Buddhism in adulthood and opened a Soka Gakkai (Buddhist secular school) inside one of his clubs in Corsico, near Milan: the Ikeda Cultural Center, the largest Buddhist center in Europe. Moreover, the champion is very active in the humanitarian field, as evidenced by his support for the Borgonovo Foundation to raise funds against ALS and for affected populations after the earthquake in Haiti, as well as the construction of hospitals around the world. He even received the 2010 Peace Summit Award title on November 9, 2010 for his commitment to those most in need. In 2023 he supported the Italy Bares project (the Italian version of the charity show Broadway Bares created by Jerry Mtichell) that aimed to raise funds to fight HIV, AIDS and raise public awareness of prevention culture. He remains in the hearts of all soccer fans, poems, plays (such as Mario Morisi’s Orfeo Baggio) and songs, including Cesare Cremonini’s Marmellata #25; Dalla’s Baggio Baggio; Diodato’s L’uomo dietro il campione, which is also the soundtrack to Il Divin Codino; Miles Kane’s Baggio and Scrivile Scemo by Pinguini Tattici Nucleari. There are even references to him in comic books and cartoons as well, such as in some episodes of What a Champion Holly and Benji!!! and, although unofficially, in Sailor Moon.


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