The most famous Italian Serie A jerseys

The Italian Serie A League is one of the top-tier football leagues in Europe, and home to some of the world’s most prestigious clubs. It has seen its fair share of iconic moments over the years – from legendary goals to unexpected comebacks – all cemented by their respective teams’ distinctive jerseys.

Many have become iconic symbols for generations of fans, with a few standing out as particularly memorable across both Italy and abroad.

In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the most famous Italian Serie A jerseys throughout history!

From classic designs belonging to powerhouse clubs like AC Milan and Juventus, to more recent releases that quickly gained cult status among supporters – these are uniforms worth remembering.


Juventus is the most successful Italian soccer team. Founded in 1897, the club has won a record 35 Serie A titles, 14 Coppa Italia titles and a record nine Supercoppa Italiana titles.

Nicknamed the Old Lady, Juventus has a long and rich history. In 1975, the team won its first championship title since 1933. They would go on to dominate Italian soccer for the next two decades.

Some of the greatest players in European soccer have worn the famous black and white striped shirt of Juventus, including Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Pavel Nedved and Gianluigi Buffon.

In recent years, Juventus have seen significant success in domestic and international competitions, winning four Serie A titles between 2012 and 2016 and reaching the Champions League finals twice in this period.

With a talented squad and an impressive stadium, Juventus remains one of the most popular teams in Italy and Europe. They are an iconic symbol of Italian football, renowned for their success and prestige.

AC Milan

AC Milan is one of the most renowned and successful football clubs in history; the Rossoneri, as they’re nicknamed, have won the Serie A title eighteen times and the UEFA Champions League seven times since they were formed in 1899.

The team’s distinctive red-and-black striped jerseys are just as iconic as the Rossoneri’s performances on the pitch. The jersey can be traced back to 1901, when the colours of the jerseys were changed for the very first time.

The original black-and-red striped kit was inspired by the colours of the flag of their city of Milan which includes a red cross and a background of deep blue. Over the years, various changes have been made to the design, but the trademark stripes have remained a constant favorite.

AC Milan is also known for its affinity with other high-profile clubs in Europe, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

This has resulted in an influx of creative design ideas, which has seen AC Milan’s jerseys become increasingly stylish and eye-catching. The current jersey design features striking red and black pinstripes, with a bold white circle located in the middle of each stripe, outlining an AC Milan badge.

The Milanese club is also renowned for collaborating with popular fashion labels for special ‘designer’ editions of their shirts. In 2017, AC Milan featured in a partnership with ‘Adidas Originals’ as part of their collaboration with global icons David Beckham and Pharrell Williams.

The result was a striking and stylish white jersey with black horizontal lines which clearly represented AC Milan.

Over 110 years of history and success, AC Milan’s jerseys remain one of the most recognisable emblems in footballing history. From unforgettable players such as Paolo Maldini and Kaka, to iconic designs such as the all-white Adidas kit, AC Milan’s jerseys are truly some of the most famous Italian Serie A jerseys ever created.

Inter Milan

Inter Milan, also known as ‘Internazionale’, have been one of Italy’s most successful clubs, achieving 18 titles and 10 Coppa Italia victories, making them the second most decorated club in the country after rivals Juventus.

Their classic black and blue striped jersey is one of the most recognisable in the world, having been worn by the likes of Giuseppe Meazza, who scored 216 goals for the team, Sandro Mazzola, who made over 400 appearances in the famous black and blue stripes, and Roberto Baggio who scored 15 goals between 1997-1998.

The club has also been home to several iconic players from all over the globe, from legends like Ronaldo and Javier Zanetti to current stars like Mauro Icardi and Radja Nainggolan.

Inter’s jerseys have featured an array of classic designs including simple stripes, intricate textiles, modern cut-outs and special editions to commemorate their achievements. It’s no wonder that the classic black and blue striped jersey remains one of the most iconic symbols of Italian football.

AS Roma

Since the foundation of the Italian Serie A in 1929, AS Roma has been an integral part of the league, representing the capital city of Rome and its passionate football fans.

AS Roma jerseys are some of the most recognizable among Italian Serie A teams and throughout Europe. The first AS Roma jerseys were made of white fabric with a black cross on the chest.

This style was adopted to reflect the colours of the city of Rome and its emblem, the cross of St. Peter.

Over time, the jersey evolved to feature distinct stripes and emblems that remain a part of AS Roma’s look today. AS Roma’s primary colors have remained steadfast for decades, with a distinct shade of yellow and red found in each jersey iteration.

The team also occasionally incorporates small details such as stripes, stars, and additional colors to add a unique look. One of the most iconic symbols used on AS Roma’s jerseys is a wolf, which was the team’s original mascot from its inception in 1927 until 2018.

The wolf symbol was placed behind the AS Roma crest and has become synonymous with the team’s identity. In later years, AS Roma incorporated other symbols such as the eagle and dragon to their jerseys as well.

Every new jersey is designed with a unique combination of colors, patterns, and emblems that are distinctively AS Roma. Each jersey has its own story behind it made up of decades of passion and pride.

Whatever design they come up with next, one thing is certain – it will always be recognizably, undeniably AS Roma.


Napoli has always been a powerhouse of Italian football. Founded in 1904, the Partenopei has been a constant presence in the Serie A since their first season, winning the Italian championship twice in the late 80’s and rivalling iconic sides such as AC Milan, Juventus and Inter.

The club’s iconic sky blue shirts feature two vertical stripes, a tribute to the naval ensigns of the city of Naples which have inspired the team’s nickname and colours.

The crossed cannonballs on the badge pay homage to the mariners of Naples and show why Napoli is one of the most popular clubs not just in Italy but around the world.

Their current jersey features ‘SSC NAPOLI’ and ‘1904’ embroidered on each sleeve, as well as a diamond pattern evocative of their maritime past.

Few shirts are able to capture the spirit and pride of a city like Napoli’s do, making them iconic not just in Serie A and Italy but around the globe.

The sky blue jersey with its historical symbols is part of the club’s identity, and fans proudly wear it whenever cheering for their beloved side.

Whenever the anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is played, it is an emotional reminder of what makes Napoli so unique; it’s a symbol of history and passion, not just for UEFA European competition but for football in general.

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