The Poet of the week: Sandro Tonali

The protagonist of our column “The Poet of the Week” after the thirty-sixth matchday of Serie A is the midfielder of Milan Sandro Tonali. The young Rossoneri midfielder celebrated his XNUMXnd birthday on Sunday evening by scoring one brace very important for the racing Scudetto. Thanks to his goals, in fact, Milan managed to beat Verona al Bentegodi in a very difficult match for the boys of Stefano Pioli. Pharaohs had unlocked the game by bringing forward the hosts, but at the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second half Tonali overturned the game in the final Florenzi closed it.

The former Brescia is having a dream season. In this Serie A he has collected 34 appearances out of 36 total, scoring well 5 goals and churning out 3 assists. In the last two away games he has scored heavy goals that have allowed Milan to take home the victory. Before Verona, in fact, Tonali signed the 1-2 goal at theOlympic against Lazio at 94 ′, giving the Rossoneri a very important victory in terms of the Scudetto.

He has only missed two games in this league (against Spezia at home for disqualification and against Cagliari away because he was not at his best). Last season the midfielder born in 2000 had made only 25 appearances, without scoring neither goals nor assists. The growth he has had this year is impressive: he has integrated very well with Bennacer in the middle of the field and has earned the trust of the coach and the Rossoneri with the facts.

The fans love him, on the other hand they couldn’t do otherwise. After last year, quite disappointing, Tonali has reduced his salary just to stay with the Rossoneri. With great humility he won the starting shirt and game after game he brought out all his talent. The real strength of him lies in his character. He is strong, determined, aggressive when he serves, but at the same time he gives order to the maneuver with great precision in passing. He has a true warrior spirit and never gives up: so he has become one of the leaders of this Milan.

There are even those who have dedicated a song to him, like the rapper Dani Faiv, AC Milan fan. Here are some verses of the chorus of the piece entitled “Sandro Tonali

Sandro Tonali, Sandro Tonali
No you don’t pass, I’m Sandro Tonali 
Attachment to the jersey, leg strength
I recover everything, no one passing by 
Power shot, I put it in seven, I’m Sandro Tonali 
Look who was speaking before, I’m Sandro Tonali
Sweat, blood and fatigue, I’m Sandro Tonali 
I run without ever stopping
Now if I enter the field there is no more match
‘I keep this brand all my life, I’m Sandro Tonali

In these words there is all the essence of the young Milan midfielder. The song, released on April 29, was immediately appreciated by the fans and has already become the soundtrack of the Rossoneri’s home matches, as happened against Fiorentina at San Siro.

Tonali has all the credentials to be a leader of Milan also in the future, and he will certainly find an important place in the Italian national team. So far it hasn’t found a lot of space with Mancini, also thanks to the abundance of midfielders that Italy has, but if it continues like this, it’s safe to bet that Tonali will climb the ranks in the national team as well as he did with Milan: with a lot of humility, but above all through “sweat, blood and fatigue“.

By Federico Poet

Written by News Releases

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