FANTACALCIO CLASSIC Auction Guide: all the tips on which DEFENDERS to buy

2020-2021 Fantasy Football, auction guide: tips for fantasy managers on the best footballers in the Italian top championship

In this section of our blog, you can see different tables covering the pricing list of all the football players of the Serie A Championship, updated until Gameweek 21.

We hope this comprehensive guide explains to you all you need to know on how to read the pricing list of all the Serie A 2020/21 football players.

These football players’ pricing lists refer to the fantasy game for Fantacalcio Classic from

On the website (in Italian) you can find updated prices after every Gameweek.

Find the football player you are looking for by listing each column according to the biggest/smallest data regarding the following KPIs:

Qt. A (CURRENT* PRICE): The price of the football player as per today (DATA UPDATED TO GAMEWEEK 21)

Qt. I (INITIAL PRICE): The price of the football player as per before Gameweek 1.




[table id=14 /]

TOP DEFENDERS – Gosens, Theo Hernandez, Hakimi

 Gosens has a very high price, almost a record. For him, you can spend up to 40 Fantacredits out of 500, in the leagues where the defenders are paid a lot (and where there is the defense modifier) ​​it can even go up to 50. He has already started at the top. Theo Hernandez will go away during the auction at similar prices, only slightly lower: we are around 35 million (again with peaks up to 35-40). He too started very well. For Hakimi started with Inter very well with goals and assists. Now it costs at least as much as Gosens, it will be head to head on who will be the highest-paid in the auctions. This year, with such expensive defensive tops, it also becomes a matter of strategy: to afford one you will then have to save on the other 7 defenders or on the other departments.

SEMITOP – Acerbi, de Vrij, Bonucci, Koulibaly, Faraoni, Hateboer

They are mainly central defenders, important players who, however, cannot bring the bonuses of side defenders. The price drops down, here you get up to 20 million out of 500. Acerbi has been a guarantee for years, even with the Champions League he won’t make any turnover because he plays them all. Last year 36 out of 38, with 2 goals. Bonucci is very similar, even for him little turnover (35 out of 38), good ratings, he plays in a big team, even 3 goals last year. De Vrij was super last season, scoring 4 goals and keeping high performance. For Conte he is a game pillar, the only flaws are the injuries but in the last season, he had only a few. Its price will be among the highest in this range because it is one of the best ones.  Koulibaly brings good ratings and some goals. he has to relaunch after a bad season. Faraoni has stayed at Verona and will be a regular player like last year. He will try to repeat the 5 goals of last season, he can do it because he always fits well during the attack phase.

GREAT DEFENDERS – Milenkovic, Young, de Ligt, Criscito, Cuadrado, Smalling

Prices go down a bit (around 15, with the usual variables), but they are always excellent choices. They can be from the 2nd slot in leagues of 8 teams, considering that there are other eight on the list better, this means that in leagues of 10-12 teams they can be as 1st. choice.  Milenkovic is a goal-scorer defender, last year he scored 5. Excellent numbers also for Young : 4 goals and 4 assists in just 6 months. He can still do well.  To mention also De Ligt and Criscito that is penalty taker. With the +3 add on he compensates for a lower average rating than high-level defenders because he does not play in a big team fighting for the Scudetto. Cuadrado is an outsider but does not have the consistency of performance and permanent position that Gosens and Theo have. He will play as a right-winger in a 3-5-2 or 4-4-2. In the last season 2 goals and 6 assists. Smalling is for Fonseca a fundamental and regular defender. He is one of 6.5 average ratings and a couple of goals scorers per year, three last season.

GOOD REGULARS – Manolas, Romagnoli, Alex Sandro, Bastoni, Di Lorenzo, Toloi, Kjaer, Godin, Chiellini, Spinazzola, Biraghi, Skriniar

They are perfect defenders to combine with a top. Here it can change a lot if for 6/8 team leagues or 10/12, not only in terms of price (up to 10 in the first case, whilst at least 15 on the other one). Manolas is regular and he also scores a few goals (4). Romagnoli is very constant, he always plays. In addition to goals, Toloi can also make some assists, he pushes himself into the attack phase (2 goals and 4 assists last year). Even Di Lorenzo can do assists and goals, pushing right back. Alex Sandro is a bit down in terms of performance, Bastoni, on the other hand, is on the launching pad. Godin for Cagliari is regular, can do well, and even some goals. Not to be underestimated is Kjaer, a central defender who is doing very well in Milan . Chiellini if he is well he is a regular defender. Spinazzola when he is well he is a fury on the left-wing. Biraghi returned to Fiorentina after his experience at Inter. He has the advantage of playing in midfield, he also takes some free kicks. Skriniar is to mention too as a regular defender.

FIRST SLOT JOLLY – Ansaldi, D’Ambrosio, Lirola, Kolarov, Bruno Peres, Danilo (Juve)

REGULARS – Kumbulla, Mancini, Djimsiti, Palomino, Glik, Zappacosta, Pellegrini, Tomiyasu, Ger. Pezzella

They are defenders who are not exactly low cost, especially in numerous leagues: there the price can be even around 7-8 Fanta credit, while in a league of 8 teams they can go away around 4-5 Fanta credits. They are still possible regular. Kumbulla can do well and get high ratings. He can have a performance and value similar to those of Mancini , who remains an important defender for Fonseca. Palomino and Djimsiti have a lot of space in Atalanta (2 goals and 6.21 on average rating). Glik can’t be paid 1-2 Fanta credits if there are romantic Fanta managers in your league, they’ll charge you a little more. His 7 goals in a single season with the Toro are history, now he is regular at Benevento. Zappacosta plays as a winger in the midfield in 3-5-2, he is regular in Genoa On the other hand, in Genoa. Tomiyasu turned out to be a very interesting choice. He is versatile and this works in his favor: it is no coincidence that Mihajlovic is now making him play as a central defender (with excellent results) after he made the right-back.

BETS – Ibanez, Vojvoda, Cetin, Zappa, Demiral, Hickey, Lovato, Dalot

LOW COST REGULARS – Bruno Alves, G. Ferrari, Mario Rui, Nuytinck, Radu, Luiz Felipe, Tomiyasu, Danilo (Bol.), Gunter, Caldirola, Larsen, Reca, Erlic, Toljan, Rogerio, Romero, Bremer, Caceres, Bereszynski , Augello, Letizia, Lykogiannis, Walukiewicz, Foulon, Calabria, Martinez Quarta, Osorio, Busi, Colley, Nkoulou, Rodriguez, De Silvestri, Gagliolo

SECOND SLOT JOLLY– Ayhan, Rrahmani, Kyriakopoulos, Izzo, Maksimovic, Ghiglione, Conti, Mojica, Hysaj, Hoedt, Dimarco, Sutalo

FOR LARGE FANTA LEAGUES – De Maio, Tonelli, Biraschi, Samir, Faragò, Maggio, Chiriches, Bani, Magallan, Golemic, Ramos, Terzi, Chabot, Yoshida, Marlon, Luperto, Ceccherini, Djidji, Iacoponi, Bonifazi, Goldaniga, Pedro Pereira, Ouwejan, Giu. Pezzella

VERY YOUNG – Kalulu, Calafiori, Carboni, Singo, Valenti, Amione

RESERVES IN THE BIG TEAMS – Malcuit, Ghoulam, Musacchio, Piccini, Depaoli, Frabotta, Gabbia, Santon, Patric, Ranocchia, Darmian, Fazio, Juan Jesus, Bastos

RISKS – Murru, Becao, Klavan, Romagna, Denswil, Empereur, Laurini, Molina, Peluso, ter Avest, Duarte, A. Ferrari, Vavro, Venuti, Barba, Spolli, Sala, Tripaldelli, Rispoli, Ferrer, Marchizza, Mattiello, Dell ‘Orco, Magnani, Ruegg, Igor, Czyborra, Barreca, Ceppitelli, Lyanco, Cuomo, Marrone, Zeegelaar, Zapata, Masiello, Ismajli, Mbaye, Dijks

TO AVOID – Dawidowicz, Tuia, Vignali, Prodl, Armini, Regini, Volta, Capradossi, Caldara, Mazzotta

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