FANTACALCIO CLASSIC Auction Guide: all the tips on which STRIKERS to buy

2020-2021 Fantasy Football, auction guide: tips for fantasy managers on the best footballers in the Italian top championship

In this section of our blog, you can see different tables covering the pricing list of all the football players of the Serie A Championship, updated until Gameweek 21.

We hope this comprehensive guide explains to you all you need to know on how to read the pricing list of all the Serie A 2020/21 football players.

These football players’ pricing lists refer to the fantasy game for Fantacalcio Classic from

On the website (in Italian) you can find updated prices after every Gameweek.

Find the football player you are looking for by listing each column according to the biggest/smallest data regarding the following KPIs:

Qt. A (CURRENT* PRICE): The price of the football player as per today (DATA UPDATED TO GAMEWEEK 21)

Qt. I (INITIAL PRICE): The price of the football player as per before Gameweek 1.




[table id=16 /]

TOP FORWARDS – Immobile, Ronaldo, Lukaku, Zapata, Ibrahimovic, Muriel

Let’s start with the top players. Be prepared to save the money for the attack if you want one of them. We are talking about costly football players, You need a targeted strategy to be able to afford them. Starting with Ciro  Immobile , after the 36 goals of last season. This year he has the Champions, but in any case, it will be very expensive at auction. However, there is a ceiling above which you cannot go, otherwise, it is very difficult to make a competitive team: the ceiling is around 210/220 Fanta credits out of 500. Cristiano  Ronaldo’s price will be very similar and probably superior, the Portuguese scored 31 goals in Serie A last season. Then it depends from league to league, with a budget of 1000 the top players cost even more in proportion, while in a 6-8 team league clearly, you can spend more because then even at a low cost there are good players, while at 10-12 team leagues there is less choice as a low cost. In any case, less than 200 Fanta credits out of 500 are almost impossible.  Another untouchable who gets away with these prices is Lukaku, who scored 23 Serie A goals in his first year in Italy. His auction price will perhaps be only slightly lower than Ronaldo’s. Ibrahimovic is a player who cannot fail to pay a lot in auctions with friends, Zlatan is Zlatan: its auction price can also be higher than the real value in terms of Fantacalcio. He scored 10 goals in the mid-season (18 games). It is also a penalty taker. Duvan Zapata in the last season experienced some injuries but nevertheless, he managed to close the year with 18 goals. Without that injury, he would have certainly been more. He closed with an 8.66 FM, the third after Immobile and Ronaldo. Muriel last year scored 18 and is a penalty taker.

SEMI-TOP – Caputo, Belotti, Osimhen, Lautaro Martinez, Dybala, Mertens, Dzeko

They also fall into the maxi-category of the top or as 1st / 2nd slot. It depends on the league: in 12 participants they are as of 1st slots, in 6 team leagues there are two per team. The price can vary because there are different types of players: central forward left or right forward, from big teams or small city teams. Here we are around 150 Fanta credits, with peaks up to 180, some you can pay around 120-130 or just over 100. After last year’s 21 goals, of which only two on penalties, Ciccio Caputo will go away at a record price for him: since 2018, he has always doubled or tripled the auction price. This year we will exceed 150 million out of 500. For Belotti the price has never been low: never going below 100. 16 goals for him last season. Lautaro Martinez is a potential top player that has not exploded yet definitively, he has paid a period of decline at the end of the season and the competition of Sanchez. He can do much better than the 14 goals he scored last year, too few. Dybala is a different forward, he almost looks like a midfielder in terms of performance: many 6.5 and 7, many assists (7). However, the goals are not a few, 11 last season. He scored 22 three years ago and only 5 two years ago, he can fluctuate a lot but one thing doesn’t change: not being a central forward, he is one who can take 6.5 in rating even without scoring. Mertens and Osimhen can also play together if Gattuso chooses 4-2-3-1. With the 4-3-3, however, there would be room for only one of the two. Mertens, is no longer among the top forwards but he is a step below, the last season went badly also due to an injury but he is always a penalty taker and also an assist man. Osimhen is only 21 years old and scored 13 goals last year in Ligue 1. Dzeko is to be mentioned too.

GREAT FORWARDS – Berardi, Rebic, Barrow, Boga, Joao Pedro, Morata, Vlahovic, Nzola, Borja Mayoral, Destro

From semi- tops to forwards as 2nd slot that in a small league can also be as 3rd choice. They are regulars with a high price: in some cases, they can exceed 100 Fanta credits out of 500. Rebic has exploded since Ibrahimovic’s arrival and scored 11 goals in mid-season. Barrow exploded in mid-season, with the transition to Bologna: 9 goals from January onwards. Berardi returned to high levels with 14 goals and 7 assists last year. Joao Pedro is certainly among those coming from a super season: a magical year with 18 goals scored, he is a penalty taker and also makes some assists Morata arrived at Juve is Juventus center forward and the price will go around 100 Fanta credits. Boga was among the revelations of last year and can still improve after 11 goals scored. Vlahovic is a very strong player in perspective.

JOLLY TOP  – Sanchez, Ilicic, Lozano,

Alexis Sanchez starts behind Lukaku-Lautaro but can also play in the place of the Argentine or enter during the match,4 goals and 8 assists last year. It is the third slot. Lozano is exploding in Napoli: after Callejon’s departure, he has found much more space, the more offensive football proposed this year by Gattuso is having an excellent effect on him. It can continue like this. Josip Ilicic has returned to play at very high levels, as he has accustomed us to do in recent years.

GOOD FORWARDS – Correa, L. Insigne, Pedro

They are forwards who have had lower adds on numbers than the above ones, for several reasons. The price here is also varied, in the sense that someone like Insigne always is paid a lot at the auction, but we are still below 100 million out of 500 Fanta credits, we are around 40-70 Fanta credits. It depends on the slot: as 3rd one in a league of 8 teams, as 2nd choice s if you are 12 fantamanagers. Correa too is not a central forward, he plays in support of Immobile and can also assist. Last year he finished with 9 goals scored. It starts ahead on Muriqi and Caicedo, but they will alternate. Lorenzo Insigne is another striker who has no numbers as a central forward (the peak with Sarri with18 goals, then 8/10 in the last three seasons), playing as a winger can make assists and take penalties. Pedro comes from Chelsea where he has played very little in the last year, better to look at his performance in previous years. In the four years as a regular player, he scored more or less 7-8 goals a year, making 3-4 assists. 

REGULARS  – Simeone, Lasagna, Lapadula, Quagliarella, Gervinho, Ribery, Keita

They are regular attackers, very useful in leagues of 10-12 teams because they get the rating and don’t leave you in ten… In leagues of 6-8 participants, they are 3-4th slots, to be selected when they have affordable matches or play at home. The price is around 20-40, while it rises further in numerous auctions. 

BETS  – Bonazzoli, Scrapers, Colley, Colombo, Shomurodov, Hauge, Muriqi, Lammers

SECOND SLOT REGULARS – Palacio, Pandev, Pjaca, Orsolini, Deulofeu, Kalinic, Galabinov, Simy

FIRST SLOT JOLLY – Leao, Defrel, Pavoletti, Caicedo

REGULARS FROM ROOKIES – Messias, Gyasi, Caprari, Riviere, Farias, Iago Falqué, Verde

SECOND SLOT JOLLY– Petagna, Salcedo, Favilli, Ounas, Karamoh, Skov Olsen, Okaka, Di Carmine, Zaza, Gabbiadini

THIRD SLOT JOLLY – Carles Perez, Sansone, Haraslin, Vignato, Piccoli, Pinamonti, R. Insigne, Scamacca, Sau, Dragus, Siligardi

RISKS – Nestorovski, La Gumina, Improta, Moncini, F. Ricci, Mihaila, Pussetto, Santander,Llorente, Millico, Luvumbo, Males, Asoro

TO AVOID – Cerri, Sprocati, Forestieri, Ivy, Traorè Diallo

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