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FANTACALCIO CLASSIC & MANTRA Auction Guide: all the tips on which GOALKEEPERS to buy

2020-2021 Fantasy Football, auction guide: tips for fantasy footballers on the best goalkeepers in the Italian top championship

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In this section of our blog, you can see different tables covering the pricing list of all the football players of the Serie A Championship, updated until Gameweek 21.

We hope this comprehensive guide explains to you all you need to know on how to read the pricing list of all the Serie A 2020/21 football players.

These football players’ pricing lists refer to the fantasy game for Fantacalcio Classic & Mantra from

On the website (in Italian) you can find updated prices after every Gameweek.

Find the football player you are looking for by listing each column according to the biggest/smallest data regarding the following KPIs:

Qt. A (CURRENT* PRICE): The price of the football player as per today (DATA UPDATED TO GAMEWEEK 21)

Qt. I (INITIAL PRICE): The price of the football player as per before Gameweek 1.




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TOP GK – Handanovic, Szczesny, Donnarumma

Let’s start from the top. They will be the most expensive ones, the ones that cost over 30-40 million out of 500 fantacredit budget. Then it depends from league to league, even if there is the option for the Goalkeeper Cleansheet (GC) option or not. The price goes up with the number of players in the league (even up to 45-50 if you have the GC bonus) because in only 6-8 participant leagues you can also get three good goalkeepers at a low price. Inter Milan is by far the team with the best defense, conceding 36 goals in 2019/20 against Lazio 42 and Juve. Handanovic is one of the first choices when we refer to goalkeepers in Fantacalcio. Also from a clean-sheet perspective, he is the goalkeeper among the big names with more clean sheets (CS) last year: 13. In this ranking after him, there is Donnarumma, with 12 CS. Compared to Handanovic he is a better goalkeeper in terms of rating (the top of last year for FM (Fanta-average) with 5.39), in addition to the penalty factor with four saved last season. In terms of price, they will be more or less just a little below Szczesny. In recent years, even when Buffon was the regular one, the Juve goalkeeper has almost always been the highest paid in auctions. With him, then, you have to take Buffon as a second one. However, he remains at the end the goalkeeper who won the last Scudetto.

TO BE TAKEN IN PAIRS  – Ospina / Meret, Mirante / Pau Lopez

We are talking about the goals of Napoli and Rome, which do not have a regular goalkeeper. Ospina is the goalkeeper of a big team and it can also be worth paying a high price because Napoli won’t suffer many goals but there is the problem of turnover. You take also Meret and you are still covered, but this means that: 1) Meret is unlikely to have him at 1 Fanta credit as a normal second goalkeeper; 2) during the season there is always a drop, so you risk wasting a change. And if you only have Ospina with two other goalkeepers, you risk playing in ten. Once one plays, another time the other one plays. As for Ospina-Meret, the duo Pau Lopez-Mirante is also mandatory to be bought in a couple. Pau Lopez did not do well last season, he got. 4.72 as FM, Roma have conceded 51 goals. Better Mirante , who played as a regular goalkeeper at the beginning of the season. When he’s there, Roma concedes fewer goals. Having them in pairs is mandatory because it is true that Mirante starts ahead but the hierarchy may change again. In the beginning, however, Pau starts as the second one.

EXCELLENT GOALKEEPERS – Gollini, Silvestri, Strakosha

The price varies based on how large the league is. In a league at 6-8, teams cost less because then there are still good low-cost goalkeepers, while at 10-12 there are few strong regular ones and therefore they cost more (even above 20/30). Strakosha comes from a good season. Second best defense and 11 clean sheets, he can stay there again this year even if Reina must be taken with him, for safety. He will be one of the highest-paid after the top 3. Atalanta concedes several goals (48 in the last season) and rarely keeps a clean sheet. For this reason, Gollini is a bit below the other top goalkeepers, even if he never has particular faults on the goals conceded. Silvestri last season was very good, as a surprise on goal: 6th in Serie A as a clean sheet (9). These figures are also to be seen in the clean sheet add-on option perspective, depending on whether you have +1 or not..

GOOD GOALKEEPERS – Dragowski, Cragno, Sirigu, Consigli, Musso

They are above the low cost in leagues of 10 and up, while at 8 (and even more at 6 teams) you will not pay them much, around 10 fantacredits because you can also have two of them. Sirigu: two years ago as a top, last year as a flop. Having said that he has few faults because he is the best among those who have played at least 30 games (6.43) by average-rating without penalizations, the problem may be represented by the defense of Torino. Compared to last year, however, it can improve. Cragno only played 16 games, but on average he was also higher than Sirigu in FM. He is a very good goalkeeper, he takes many 6,5 and 7 (ratings), even here the serious problem is the defense of Cagliari. Dragowski is the regular GK of Fiorentina, even if post lockdown was injured and Terracciano did well in his place. Don’t take any risks, better make sure you both have picked up during the auction. Sassuolo kept the top players and can do a good championship, betting on Consigli is a good choice. Even if De Zerbi thinks more about attacking than defending. Musso comes from a great season. Last year, despite the 51 goals conceded by Udinese, he managed to keep a clean sheet 14 times, more than Handanovic. It pays for not being in a top team, but he’s a very good goalkeeper.


They are goalkeepers to alternate with others, even in the 10 team league.  Sepe comes from a season with three penalties saved, his first three in his career. With D’Aversa he was a good goalkeeper, he could remain on similar levels. Among the rookies, the best could be Montipò . The goalkeepers of the newly promoted teams are always a risk and the successful cases are isolated. The fact is that in Serie B Benevento was the strongest team and with the best defense / clean sheets Then Spezia and Crotone.

LOW COST SECOND SLOT – Audero, Skorupski, Perin

They are second/third goalkeepers also in numerous leagues, to alternate. Skorupski was among the flops of last season, Bologna set the record for consecutive conceded goals. Basically, he always took at least a -1, this year he will try to do a little better. Bologna finished with 65 goals conceded like Sampdoria. After a bad start, Audero had recovered a bit with Ranieri, but always between highs (9 clean sheets ) and lows (very low average, 4.29). Perin has returned to Genoa but his championship was not exciting last year. 


Cordaz is the regular GK of Crotone, who did not have a bad score in Serie B (40 goals conceded in 38 games), but the transition to Serie A was very complicated. Spezia did not take Scuffet back but relied on Zoet from PSV. as the first goalkeeper.

JOLLY – Buffon, Reina

They are the goalkeepers to have as the second one. Buffon must be taken with Szczesny, Reina with Strakosha.

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