The Winners Circle Introduces Skill2Earn to Horse Racing


In horse racing, there have historically been limited ways for fans to interact with the sport aside from betting on the outcome of races. There is a major demand from fans for new ways to engage with horse racing. These include gamified interactions such as fantasy sports platforms or prediction games, as well as loyalty programmes.

Racing League is making headway into solving this problem by adopting a fresh, league-based format to races that fosters loyalty. By embracing the Zilliqa blockchain, The Winners Circle offers a new take on fan engagement, giving racing fans the chance to own a stake in their favourite sport and earn rewards for participating in skill-based games and interactions.

Skill2Earn leverages blockchain to build gaming ecosystems that reward players for their skills, not just their participation. This is a more sustainable approach than previous Web3 gaming models.

The Winners Circle uses Skill2Earn to power rewards behind fan interactions, including prediction game, incentivising fans to not only engage with the platform but learn about their favourite teams, horses and tracks.

Thanks to The Winners Circle, untapped demand for meaningful race-day interactions from fans can be directed to build exciting communities of supporters, each of whom will have a personal relationship with their team that keeps them coming back to the races.

The Winners Circle offers fans exclusive access to events, merchandise, rewards through Skill2Earn racing prediction games, and the chance to own a share in their favourite racehorse.

Tom Fleetham, the director of The Winners Circle said, “The Winners Circle will reward racing fans for their years of loyalty and expertise in the sport, whilst also providing them with new ways to engage with racing that go beyond placing a bet.”

“By providing the blockchain infrastructure for The Winners Circle, Zilliqa is powering the Skill2Earn revolution and delivering sustainable rewards to fans and players based on their proficiency and engagement,” says Zilliqa Technology CEO, Matt Dyer.


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