Top Tier Authentics Appoints Eight Inaugural Board of Advisors, Bolstering First-Ever Experiential Authenticity Platform

Well-rounded Team of Investors & Advisors Includes NBA Phoenix Suns Starter Grayson Allen and Current and Former Executive Leaders from Gaming, Finance and Media Powerhouses Such as VaynerSports, EA Sports, FaZe Clan, NewEdge Wealth, Psalion and Others

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CollectiblesTop Tier Authentics (TTA), transforming how brands, athletes and artists authenticate products and create new consumer experiences, has unveiled its inaugural advisory board. The board comprises world-class athletes and visionary business executives behind leading companies, major deals and breakthrough innovations in sports, gaming, entertainment and emerging tech.

TTA developed the world’s first Experiential Authenticity Platform, enabling instant verification of products, artworks, and collectibles, along with immersive digital experiences, exclusive benefits, and interactive features. Since its inception in May 2023, TTA has already collaborated with top artists, brands and athletes, including the 2023 NCAA national championship University of Michigan Wolverines team, University of Georgia Bulldogs, University of Tennessee Volunteers, undefeated UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and viral golf artist Coach Rusty.

The board will help TTA further expand its platform into new markets, with members including:

  • Grayson Allen is an investor and advisor for TTA and an NBA star currently playing as the starting shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns. He ranks as one of the best players for Duke University’s Blue Devils and was key to the team’s 2015 championship win.
  • Patrick Dwyer, with over 30 years’ experience, has been honored as a top financial advisor by Forbes, Barron’s and the Financial Times. He’s served as the Managing Director for the Silicon Valley Bank and is Managing Director of NewEdge Wealth.
  • Darren Glover is a marketing and brand-building innovator working with professional athletes, Fortune 500 consumer brands, live streaming platforms, gaming publishers, and gaming content creators. He is an investor and advisor for TTA and VP of gaming at VaynerSports, where his clients include pro-gamers Bugha, Clix and Brycent.
  • Chris Ko brings decades of experience in the interactive entertainment sector, including serving as the VP and General Manager of EA Sports Mobile and EA Racing Mobile. He also successfully ran the development and growth of several F2P gaming companies.
  • Mark Lieberman, an experienced media and tech operations expert, has acted as Assistant Secretary of Technology at the US Commerce Department under George H.W. Bush, and led companies like Viamedia, Placemedia, Rightster and TRA, Inc. He holds leadership and advisory roles at Recurrent Ventures and Blackstone.
  • Greg Selkoe is an American Entrepreneur who founded the e-commerce and retail company Karmaloop and served as PreZident of FaZe Clan. He is an alum of Y Combinator, one of the world’s most respected and competitive startup incubators and serves as CEO and Co-Founder of XSET.
  • Shmuel Farhi founded Farhi Holdings Corporation, one of Ontario, Canada’s most influential real estate development firms. His innovative approach has transformed millions of square feet into thriving commercial, residential, and hospitality spaces.

Board of Advisor Quotes:

Grayson Allen: “Top Tier Authentics offers athletes a powerful way to connect with fans while unlocking a new and better way to monetize their name, image and likeness – whether that’s selling gear, memorabilia or merchandise. It’s the perfect platform to build a personal brand. Every athlete – collegiate, professional or beyond – should be working with TTA.”

Patrick Dwyer: “TTA is redefining consumer engagement and trust. It’s the future of authenticity and interactive engagement – bridging the physical world with one-of-a-kind digital experiences. Importantly, it unlocks powerful new consumer insights that can’t be found anywhere else.”

Timothy Enneking: “I have always been a staunch advocate for the transformative power of promising new technology. Top Tier Authentics has delivered exactly that – re-imagining what it means to use and engage with the products you buy or the items you collect and share. It’s an experience everyone will enjoy.”

Darren Glover: “TTA’s platform is the perfect brand building tool for athletes, content creators and consumer brands alike. It transforms every interaction into a gateway to dynamic, immersive worlds where communities thrive on interaction, competition, and shared achievements.”

Chris Ko: “Consumer expectations are changing, and every brand needs to rethink how they’re driving engagement, interaction and excitement. Harnessing these elements, TTA seamlessly integrates products, artwork, and collectibles with live operations and events. They can equip and update any item with new digital experiences that captivate consumers and keep them coming back for more.”

Mark Lieberman: “This industry is ripe for disruption, and TTA has proven that consumers want more from their purchases – whether that’s sports memorabilia, art, or name-brand products. Their turn-key platform, and the experience it provides, creates new and incremental value for all stakeholders.”

Greg Selkoe: “Top Tier Authentics’ solution isn’t just about verifying what’s real; it establishes deeper connections and trust between brands and consumers. It’s what every product and retailer needs in today’s rapidly evolving digital age.”

Shmuel Farhi: “To succeed as an entrepreneur and real estate developer, I’ve often focused on reinventing spaces for enhanced community engagement, efficiency, and local economic impact. Similarly, Top Tier Authentics innovates the consumer experience, forging new paths for connection, interaction, and business opportunities.”

About Top Tier Authentics

Top Tier Authentics (TTA) has developed the world’s first Experiential Authenticity Platform, enabling instant verification of any product, artwork or collectible while powering new and immersive digital experiences, unique benefits, and interactive features.

The simple, turn-key solution can increase the value and enhance the experience of any item – or event – while empowering brands and individuals to connect with consumers, collectors and fans on a deeper level. TTA’s end-to-end platform also enables robust behavioral analytics from every touchpoint to identify key trends and opportunities.

Consumers enjoy an entirely new way to interact with their favorite brands, athletes and artists. This includes behind-the-scenes videos captured in the moment – such as when the signing occurred, the creation of the art, or the story behind the brand, artist or athlete – as well as personalized content, redeemable offers, and exclusive access to community events and activations. TTA gives each product and experience a one-of-a-kind and engaging life of its own, to share with friends and other collectors who hold similar treasures.

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