Top Tier Authentics Expands University of Georgia NIL Partnership With New 2024 Football Signed Memorabilia

TTA First to Offer Multi-signed Gear with the #1 NCAA Football Recruiting Class in the Nation, UGA


The collection includes official Speedflex helmets, jerseys, footballs, posters and more featuring TTA authenticated signatures from over 20 top players, including Trevor Etienne (RB), Ellis Robinson (DB), KJ Bolden (DB), and coach Kirby Smart. These are among the first autographed items from the nation’s #1 ranked college recruits.

Every piece of memorabilia includes TTA’s patented authenticity assurance technology and digital certificates of authenticity (COA), giving each item a one-of-a-kind sharable and engaging life of its own. Fans can scan a QR code to access a video of the athlete signing the item, immersive content about the item’s history, and a chance for exclusive, redeemable benefits that can be unlocked through engaging experiences and social activations. This technology not only verifies the signatures, but also enables a continuous way for fans to interact, engage and benefit long after a purchase is made.

“Collaborating with TTA has helped empower our athletes, giving them new opportunities to connect and engage with their fans on a whole new level,” said Matt Hibbs, CEO of Classic City Collective. “The response from the UGA team and the excitement from the fans is a testament to the changing landscape of college sports and athlete engagement.”

“Our latest collaboration is in direct response to overwhelming demand and fan excitement from the previous UGA collection,” said TTA Co-Founder Dima Azarenko. “We’ve created a new platform to support NIL opportunities, while reimagining what it means to verify signatures and assure authenticity, by incorporating exclusive experiences tailored to the shared passions and interests of loyal fans.”

TTA Co-founder Andrew Rosen added, “We’re offering fans one-of-a-kind memorabilia from the country’s top college recruits, reshaping the way they connect with their favorite athletes and team. It’s a fun, immersive and shareable experience for every collector, and a dynamic new avenue for talented young athletes to monetize their NIL while deepening their connection with fan communities.”

UGA players and staff signing memorabilia include, but are not limited to:

  • Kirby Smart (Coach)
  • Trevor Etienne (RB)
  • Ellis Robinson (DB)
  • KJ Bolden (DB)
  • Ryan Puglisi (QB)
  • Nitro Tuggle (WR)
  • Sacovie White (WR)
  • London Humphreys (WR)
  • Colbie Young (WR)
  • Michael Jackson (WR)
  • Jaden Reddell (TE)
  • Daniel Calhoun (OL)
  • Malachi Toliver (OL)
  • Nyier Daniels (OL)
  • Marques Easley (OL)
  • Demello Jones (DB)
  • Nnamdi Ogboko (DL)
  • Justin Williams (LB)
  • Kristopher Jones (LB)
  • Xzavier McLeod (DL)
  • Jordan Thomas (DL)
  • Ondre Evans (DB)
  • Quintavius Johnson (OLB)
  • Chris Cole (OLB)

The new NIL memorabilia expands upon the success of TTA’s previous collections, which featured top-ranked college teams and athletes including the 2024 College Football National Champions, the Michigan Wolverines, and the Tennessee Volunteers. More collections and partnerships are also planned in 2024 with other top Power-5 colleges, artists and more.

About Top Tier Authentics

Top Tier Authentics (TTA) offers verification technology to solve the biggest problem for collectors: how to know merchandise is genuine and authentic. Its proprietary platform enables instant product certification, while bringing real-time, immersive consumer experiences with video certificates of authenticity (COAs).

TTA offers a simple, turn-key solution to increase the value of products and merchandise while connecting with consumers and collectors on a deeper level. The TTA solution also enables robust behavioral analytics from every touchpoint to identify key trends and opportunities.

Beyond authenticity assurance, consumers enjoy an entirely new way to interact with their favorite brands, athletes and artists, with behind-the-scenes videos captured in the moment as the signing occurred, the creation of art or the story behind the brand, giving each product a one-of-a-kind sharable and engaging life of its own. Each product can also include redeemable benefits.

To shop the memorabilia collections, visit the TTA Amazon brand store at

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