Underdog Invests in Critical Responsible Gaming Cross-Platform Technology

idPair receives investment from the company’s responsible gaming innovation fund

BROOKLYN, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Underdog, the fastest growing fantasy sports company ever, announced an investment in

“Most users play with more than one operator for their gaming activity. The opportunity we see with idPair is the ability to connect people and their play, and use those insights to inform enhanced responsible gaming initiatives,” said Adam Warrington, vice president, responsible gaming at Underdog. “Operators can only focus on their individual platforms. We believe that the ability to partner with regulators using idPair’s technology will create opportunities for partnerships that advance safer play.”

idPair is active in multiple jurisdictions, bridging information gaps by collaborating with legislators, regulators, and operators to detect and mitigate harm from high-risk gambling across platforms. Recognizing the crucial role of research to move the industry toward sustainability, idPair has also partnered with several major universities to facilitate the study of anonymized transactional data by experts in the field.

“We are thrilled about GuardDog’s investment and partnership with us, said Jonathan Aiwazian,” CEO of idPair. “By leveraging their vast network and data, we can accelerate our mission to drive collaborative information sharing among operators and regulators, ultimately fostering a safer and more sustainable environment for all. Together, we look forward to making significant leaps in consumer protection and industry innovation.”

Companies and entrepreneurs interested in being considered for investment by GuardDog can learn more and are encouraged to contact the GuardDog team at

About idPair

idPair is a Responsible Gaming data anonymization and analytics company dedicated to enhancing consumer protection in the gambling industry through innovative tools and research. idPair creates a centralized repository of transactional data to analyze consumer behavior across multiple gambling platforms, contrary to the ineffective approach of attempting to assess player risk-levels with limited data from a single operator. By connecting data, idPair offers a comprehensive view of each player’s gambling activity, regardless of how many apps they use. The company facilitates interventions for high-risk behavior through direct channels between regulators, operators, and consumers while prioritizing data privacy. Using sophisticated analysis rooted in science, idPair identifies markers of harm in transactional data, allowing for early intervention to mitigate risks and promote Responsible Gaming practices.

About Underdog

Underdog, the fastest growing paid fantasy sports company ever, was founded in 2020 to build games for American sports fans to increase their enjoyment with sports. Led by a team of industry veterans, Underdog delivers an industry-leading platform that gives sports lovers the best way to safely and responsibly enjoy fun, approachable contests and games. With a unique blend of innovative fantasy sports games, Underdog is able to appeal to the most experienced as well as casual sports fans. Underdog provides a wide array of content from former professional athletes and thought leaders, to provide expertise and a fun user experience for all fans. For more information, please visit


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