Allegri, La Marca: “He cannot afford another championship like this. About Pogba and Di Maria … “

LA MARCA – Domenico La Marca, a lawyer expert in sports law, spoke at “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio. Below, an extract collected by the editorial staff of

Allegri, La Marca: “You can’t afford another championship like this”

“Juventus’s season was certainly not the best and Allegri cannot afford another championship like this. There have been extenuating circumstances such as the sale of Ronaldo, who has not been worthily replaced and especially in Serie A has hidden important structural flaws in previous years. The Vlahovic operation itself was brought forward in January. Not only to offer a valid offensive alternative but above all to avoid competition. In the summer she was going to be really tough on this huge talent.

The arrivals of Pogba and Di Maria would be important hits and would bring an international experience that Juventus has lacked in recent years. Furthermore, these two operations, unlike what it seems, should not seriously affect the budget. Considering above all the exits of Dybala and Bernardeschi and above all thanks to the growth decree. Certainly these two shots are not enough, given that Juventus basically needs a strong director and above all a worthy heir to Chiellini. I expect an important market but also many intelligent operations in this sense for a player like Kostic. Perhaps the best player in the Europa League, he could represent the right way to operate in this summer session. “

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