How to see a Soccer Game in Italy: the “Definitive 2023 Guide”

Serie A and B Italian football leagues, Italian soccer stadiums, how to get tickets, and much more.

It’s a great idea to visit a soccer game in Italy to get to know the country and its culture. You’ll be able to go beyond the typical itinerary of monuments and museums and simply hang out with Italians in an authentic, passionate, and familial environment if you attend a football match. It is an exciting way to get to know the country and its culture.

You will enjoy nothing like ascending those stairs and seeing the arena and the crowd comes into view during a sporting match. If you’ve ever attended any sort of sporting match at a stadium, you know that there is nothing like being in the stands when your team scores. All of the spectators join together in a call-and-response with the stadium announcer to shout out the goal scorer’s name after your team scores.

When two hours at a soccer game fly by, you will still be able to remember the experience for years to come, especially if you attend a match with a calcio-loving kid.

Serie A

Serie A is the most popular football league in Italy and one that Italians pay the most attention to. Throughout the season, 20 teams compete for the Serie A Scudetto. Each team plays all of the others twice, once at home and once at their opponent’s stadium, throughout the season.

The season lasts from August to May, and there are several weeks off in between international competitions (such as the Euro Cup and World Cup qualifiers) in which to catch a Serie A game. This means that you can catch a Serie A game every month for 10 months out of the year.

Serie A: Details for the 2022-23 Season

Three newly promoted teams will compete in the 2022-23 Serie A season: Cremonese, Lecce, and Monza. Look at the season schedule below. For Serie A news, see Gazzetta dello Sport (Italian), ESPN, and IFTV on Twitter and Instagram.

You may get more information directly from the Lega Serie A website, although some news is not completely available in English.

For all the information you need (finally also in English), verify on this site in the page below all the individual club news,info and directories coming from the official Serie A clubs websites.

Which Serie A team should you see?

It can be difficult to choose which team to watch, because of the limited availability of tickets and your travel itinerary. If you’re visiting Florence, make sure to see the Fiorentina game. In Tuscany, there is another team vying for attention: Empoli . If you’re visiting Naples, see if you can get tickets for Napoli (special instructions are provided on this page). To get to Salerno, take the road to Salerno and Salernitana will be waiting for you. Two clubs call Rome home: AS Roma and SS Lazio.

They play each other in the Stadio Olimpico. The Roma diehards occupy the Curva Sud when these two clubs play, while the Lazio fans are in the Curva Nord. The region of Lombardy will have five teams in Serie A next season! AC Milan and Inter share the city with the two Milan teams. Atalanta, Cremonese and Monza, complete the other three teams.

If you want to see Torino, you’ll have to choose between Torino and Juventus. In Liguria we have Sampdoria (in Genoa) and Spezia. Emilia-Romagna has two Serie A teams: Bologna and Sassuolo. Northeastern Italy has Hellas Verona, in the region of Veneto, and Udinese in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Last but not least Lecce in Puglia.

Champions League and Europa League Matches

You can also see Champions League and Europa League games in Italy. There are four Serie A teams that compete in the Champions League against the top finishers from other European premier leagues annually.

The Europa League is a secondary competition to the Champions League and is composed of the fifth- and sixth-best Serie A clubs from the previous year and any teams that didn’t make the group stage of the Champions League. Tickets for Champions League games and Europa League matches are usually more expensive and difficult to come by compared to regular Serie A games.

You can get first dibs on Champions League and Europa League matches tickets if you have a fan loyalty card (usually available from Ticketone or VivaTicket).

Serie B , Serie C, and Serie D

The Serie B league, is the secondary league of Italy. It plays out much the same length as Serie A’s season. In order to be promoted to Serie A, the clubs of Lega B compete for the right to do so. During a season that lasts about the same amount of time as Serie A’s, the top three teams of Serie B compete for the right to be promoted to the top league.

On the other hand, the bottom three Serie A teams are relegated to Serie B, the bottom three Serie B teams are relegated to Serie C/Lega Pro, and so on.

Serie D, the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti, involves 166 teams split among nine groups.

If you are interested in seeing a Serie B, Serie C, or Serie D match, it’s best to check this websites of the individual teams for tickets.

Coppa Italia

The Coppa Italia, which is organised by Serie A and includes 44 teams from Italy’s top three leagues, includes all 20 clubs from Serie A, as well as all 20 clubs from Serie B and the top four squads from Lega Pro (Serie C). Every team in the Coppa Italia is matched against another team in a round-robin, knockout tournament, with the lowest-ranked teams playing in the first phase.

As you can see from the brackets, this format heavily favors the large teams, but it does offer a chance for some “Cinderella” stories to emerge. The Coppa Italia begins in August (typically around the same time as the Serie A) and is played throughout the year, usually on weeknights. It culminates in May with a match played at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico.

Supercoppa Italiana

A single match between the Serie A winners of the previous season and the Coppa Italia winners is the Supercoppa Italiana. If one team has won both the Serie A and Coppa Italia in the previous season, then the Supercoppa match is between the Coppa Italia winner and runner-up—essentially a rematch of the previous year’s Coppa Italia final.

The Supercoppa is usually played in winter. In recent years, Serie A has frequently been played outside of Italy as a method to promote the league, so the competition is not really relevant to those of us who wish to watch an Italian league soccer match in Italy.

The Italian National Team – Azzurri and Azzurre

The Italian National Team (La Nazionale di Calcio Italiana) is affectionately known as La Nazionale Azzurra or Gli Azzurri because of the blue jerseys they typically wear during competition. You might have the opportunity to visit Italy while the Nazionale is playing, whether it’s a qualifier or tournament match for the World Cup or Euro Cup or an exhibition or friendly match.

You can get tickets for Italian National team matches on Vivaticket and Ticketone, or you can buy them on StubHub or ViaGoGo, via secondary ticketing websites. This includes tickets for the men’s team and the women’s national team (Le Azzurre), as well as U-16, U-17, and U-18 teams, and the national futsal team.

How to Get Tickets to a Soccer Match in Italy

Is it better to purchase tickets beforehand or on the day of the game? When you’re travelling to Italy to watch a soccer match, purchasing your tickets online is probably your best bet. Look at the team’s game schedule or check the complete Serie A schedule to see whether any games are scheduled during your trip. As the team listed first is the home team, it will be easier and often cheaper to buy tickets directly from the club.

Some Serie A teams do not offer tickets for sale on their own websites. You can get a single-game ticket or buy it at a physical location or on the internet. In this case, you’ll need to purchase a ticket either through TicketOne or VivaTicket, two authorised ticketing platforms for Serie A. For single-game tickets, check with a ticket reseller like ViaGoGo or StubHub.

Season tickets and individual tickets are available for sale by TicketOne and VivaTicket, both of which are official ticketing platforms.

Most clubs do not make tickets available for purchase until a few weeks before the match, which is annoying if you’ve set your itinerary. ViaGoGo and StubHub are two secondary vendors where you can locate these tickets.

Corporate events departments or established season ticket holders may buy tickets on these websites. I’ve used ViaGoGo to look for and ultimately purchase tickets for Italian soccer matches. StubHub’s Serie A ticket inventory has diminished since StubHub and ViaGoGo merged in 2021.

You may purchase your tickets in person (even on the day of the event) for some teams. There are usually a few tickets for sale at the stadium’s ticket window (if any). Most teams have a central location where you can buy tickets (if any are still available). Stadium ticket counters usually open two to three hours before match time.

What is a Tessera del Tifoso (Fan Loyalty Card) and do I need one? Ticketone, one of Serie A’s authorised online ticket vendors for season tickets, has a tessera del tifosa (fidelity card or fan loyalty card) dubbed the Tessera del Tifoso. You must have a fan loyalty card if you want to see your favourite club at an away game and sit in the section for the visiting team (distinti ospiti). The process of acquiring a tessara del tifoso on the Ticketone website takes 3-4 weeks, so it’s not particularly practical if you’re a casual fan.

You will have to show your ID when entering a soccer stadium in Italy, and all tickets must be associated with a name.

When is the soccer season in Italy?

The majority of Serie A matches are played on Sunday, with a few others played on Saturday and Monday. Serie B games are usually played on Saturdays, although a few are played on Friday and Sunday.

Other leagues also play on the weekend. Most Serie B games are played on Saturdays, with a few played on Fridays and Sundays. Because leagues play on the weekend, there are occasionally weekend matches. The Champions League and Euro League are played from mid-September to mid-June, with games usually held on weekday evenings to accommodate the teams’ league schedules.

Serie A and the lower leagues occasionally play on the weekend in the middle of the week because of Coppa Italia matches, in the run-up to a holiday weekend, or to make up games that were postponed due to weather or other events.

On major holidays, such as Christmas, matches aren’t generally played, in part to players, coaches, referees, and fans being able to spend time with their families. Because of these built-in breaks, there are breaks throughout the league season.

Can you buy team gear at the stadium?

Most Italian teams rely on official team stores, which are located in the city centre to sell team apparel. For example, when you’re at the game, you should buy your apparel from the official store or online.

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