The Italian Serie A, one of the top professional soccer leagues in the world, has recently announced the launch of its own esports league. The Serie A Esports League will feature virtual matches between the same teams that compete in the real-life league, with each team fielding a roster of professional gamers.

The league will be played on EA Sports’ FIFA 21 game, and matches will be broadcast live on the league’s website and various streaming platforms. In addition to the traditional league format, the Serie A Esports League will also host special events and tournaments throughout the year.

The Serie A is not the first professional sports league to venture into the world of esports. The NBA, NFL, and MLS have all launched their own esports leagues in recent years, and many other sports leagues around the world are considering following suit.

The Serie A Esports League is seen as a way for the league to connect with a younger, digitally-native audience and to tap into the growing popularity of esports. According to a recent report, the global esports market is expected to reach $1.5 billion in revenue by 2023, making it a lucrative opportunity for sports leagues to get in on the action.

Many fans and industry experts are excited about the potential of the Serie A Esports League. The combination of real-life sports teams and professional gamers promises to create a unique and thrilling viewing experience for fans. It will be interesting to see how the league develops and how it compares to other esports leagues around the world.

eSports in Serie A

Starting from 2020, all SerieA football teams have created their own teams made up of two players, one for FIFA and one for PES, who are actually members of the company.

The team generally takes the name of the Club with the addition of the suffix “eSports”, for example, Juventus eSports , AS Roma eSports , ACF Fiorentina eSports and SS Lazio eSports teams .

eSerie A

Serie A participates in the official eSports football championship: the eSerie A TIM . Most Serie A clubs participate in two parallel eSerie A competitions : one for eFootball PES and one for FIFA, but there may be cases of exclusivity. For example, Juventus, having an exclusive with Konami, only participates in the eSerie A | tournament eFootball PES.

The first edition of the eSerie A TIM | eFootball PES was won by Genoa CFC while the FIFA edition by Benevento.

Juventus in 2021 won the most important title in the world with professional club teams, the eFootball.Pro.

From the year 2020 the Serie A and Serie B teams have created the eSports divisions to compete in the eSerie A and BeSports . Also in the year 2020 the blue eNazionale was created.

Italian clubs have also begun to participate in the eFootball.Pro, the most important world competition reserved for club teams.

eSports Honours List in Italy

eSerie A

  • 2022 : Turin wins the eSerie A TIM FIFA 22 with Obrun2002
  • 2021 : Genoa CFC wins the first title in the history of the eSerie A | eFootball PES 2021 with NPK_02
  • 2021 : Benevento wins the first title in the history of the eSerie A | FIFA 21 with DaniPitbull
  • eNational
  • 2020 : Italy wins eEuro 2020 with the eNazionale composed of Nicaldan, AlonsoGrayFox, Naples17_x, NPK_02. Game: eFootball PES 2020.
  • eFootball.Pro
  • 2021 : Juventus wins the eFootball.Pro with Ettorito97, IlDistriatore44 and LoScandalo played on eFootball PES 2021.


  • 2021 : BeSports 2021 winner was Pisa eSports led by Naples17_x and Sasinho_Digiac. Game: eFootball PES 2021.
  • 2020 : BeSports 2020 winner was the Pisa eSports led by Naples17_x and Sasinho_Digiac. Game: eFootball PES 2020.
  • Italian Cup
  • 2021 : The 2021 Italian Cup winner was Juventus led by Cocchi20 . Game: eFootball PES 2021.
  • 2020 : Winner of the Italian Cup 2020 was Milan eSports with Urma43 on eFootball PES 2020

eSerie A Clubs