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Welcome to Serie, the first and unique Serie A Fantasy Football (aka FANTACALCIO) community completely in English dedicated to Seria A Fantacalcio.

We are the number one community and advice resource for those playing Serie A Fantasy Football Games: Fantacalcio Classic, Fantacalcio Mantra Experience, and other leading games including offerings from Sky Sports, Gazzetta dello Sport, and many others.

Serie is a blog dedicated to connecting English-speaking FANTACALCIO fans from around the world.  An International Community providing you with any Fanta Tips you need to know about Serie A Fantasy Football: previews, latest news, tactics & strategies, stats & analysis, and much more!

The history

Fantacalcio was born in 1990 by Riccardo Albini’s invention, inspired by the American Fantasy Football Game, which is a game based on real player performances on the field.

Become popular in 1994 as a game played in “Gazzetta dello Sport” newspaper through a public league where the overall ranking was ordered according to the accumulated score of each team, Gameweek after Gameweek.

“The spirit” of Serie is to bring out of Italy the knowledge of the game by promoting in English the main Serie A fantasy football games and involve as many fantasy managers as possible worldwide.

To do this we want to create a strong international community of Fanta Managers recreating a reference site for all the Fanta fanatics around the world…a big challenge, isn’t it? 

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