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Serie was created with one goal in mind. The team wants to bring the Italian version of fantasy football, known as Fantacalcio, to an international audience. For this purpose, we aim to offer news, analysis, and information regarding Serie A and fantasy football.

Serie Italian Fantasy Football represents the first unique English-speaking Serie A fantasy football community.

Is our website dedicated strictly to long-term fans of Fantacalcio and the culture surrounding it? Certainly not! The platform is designed to serve both the novice fan of the game, as well as the tried and true Fanta Expert.

Serie contains detailed information regarding all variations of Fantacalcio. The articles offer an easy-to-understand guide about how to play, who to pick, and why certain decisions are better than others.

Our resources are aimed at fans of well-established games such Fantacalcio Classic, Fantacalcio Mantra Experience, and other leading fantasy football games promoted by Sky Sports, Gazzetta dello Sport, and many others.

Our periodical announcements regarding player form, fixtures, injuries, stats, and analysis are meant to increase the pure joy of watching and interacting with Serie A football. Besides this, all of this content may be used as a tool to improve your team in any fantasy football game that is focused on the Italian first tier.

Mission and objective

Serie wishes to offer the game of Fantacalcio to a global audience. For this purpose, we have decided for our platform to share its message in English, the most highly spoken language in the world.

Serie carries on the work of Riccardo Albini. The journalist pioneered the Fantacalcio system. He was inspired by American football fantasy versions of the game that he encountered in the U.S.A. Albini’s game achieved massive popularity in 1994. During that year the game was included in Gazzetta dello Sport, a famous sports newspaper in Italy.

Our international community promotes the basic values of Fantacalcio and Serie A football.

Our mission is to promote Italian football and the culture surrounding it across the world.