Atalanta, Gasperini: “No proclamations, we are a compact team”

ATALANTA GASPERINI – Atalanta’s victory against Roma, for 0-1, and top of the standings conquered on equal points with Napoli.

Atalanta, Gasperini: “No proclamations, we are a compact team”

Atalanta beat Josè Mourinho’s Roma 1-0 yesterday, at the end of a very controversial and hard-fought match. The match winner of the match was the 2003 class: Giorgio Scalvini, who as a defender scored a goal like “Toni Kroos”. Here are Gasperini’s words in the conference:

On Foreign Exchange:

Scalvini had undoubtedly done well, as well as Hojlund. Muriel then played more balls and I needed this, but these guys need to grow. Scalvini out? I needed de Roon in midfield. In the final we had to increase the pressure on their midfielders and this took away Roma’s initiative. I have not changed them out of demerit. I still don’t know what role Scalvini will play, but he is a guy of perspective and is decisive near the area, with the clarity of the last step. The problem is that in the first half final Roma had taken over in the first half. With de Roon in the middle of the field and Koopmeiners Roma, Roma had a less easy time. For Hojlund it was not easy, Muriel’s experience made us go out a few more times“.

On compactness:

With Cremonese we had to play more forward. In last year’s second round, we weren’t as prolific as in the past and we paid the price. This was not good and, to aspire to important positions, we will have to go back to being more offensive. For now, that’s okay, even winning with the goalkeeper’s saves, then we’ll see. These games are always balanced against strong opponents. We have to raise our technical quality, but we have many faces and we always try to choose the right one ”.

On Ederson and Pasalic:

It is clear that if you have Ederson and Pasalic in front of you fake strikers, they are midfielders. In terms of distances, ball recovery, dribbling, defensive phase, doubling, you get better results. We played the match against Real Madrid in ten for seventy minutes and they never shot, we found ourselves managing these games. If we have different offensive opportunities, if you want to be up there you have to do another kind of football. If you want to win you have to score, last year at some point we lost the opportunity because we weren’t able to win certain home games and this didn’t allow us to achieve results, then if you exaggerate you discover yourself. My goal is not defense and counter-attack, so you don’t win. This has always been my reasoning. Sometimes there are excessive compliments, but the previous Atalanta made a lot of points. This is part of the Italian football culture ”.


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