Atalanta, Gasperini vents: “It’s not the market I wanted”

ATALANTA GASPERINI – Atalanta’s pre-season continues, in view of the next matches. The Bergamaschi will debut on Saturday at 18:30, against Sampdoria.

Atalanta, Gasperini vents: “It’s not the market I wanted”

Difficult hours in the Atalanta house which, after losing Pinamonti, this constituted a form of relief for Gasperini. At the well-known Calciomercato report site, the Bergamasco coach talked about various topics, related to the market not yet started and on the various cracks of this season. Here are the words of the former Inter coach:

On the squad and the various expectations:

Is it what I expected? Of course not, the objectives were certainly different, even if the company has worked hard, there is a feeling that the market is starting now. Some companies have strengthened, for others the market is starting now. What does not satisfy me? It is not that it does not satisfy me, there are two objectives, namely to strengthen the team or alternatively to rejuvenate it. It is not a question of missing roles, the goal is more general, the club has moved very well and has looked for important players … but the reality of the market is this, it is not that I discover it, it is evident to everyone. There is the second option of rejuvenating a squad that has found itself very numerous and the club has had difficulty moving, moreover, this year there are no cups, there is also a lower appeal ”.

On the new grafts:

Ederson and Lookman? The former has great strength and energy, while the latter is dynamic and creates depth. Who surprised me the most? Okoli because I didn’t expect it to be that advanced. The two years on loan in Serie B did him good: he can become a crack “.

On the next goals:

I don’t know, in the end there are 38 matches, like last year: we played the record first leg and then there was that second round. It’s hard to say, we need to play game by game. I think about the technical aspect, the 20 games of last year are many and have highlighted certain situations. I don’t feel like setting a goal, then if things work out no one has ever backed down. This year we see, what we will be able to do, if we can keep up and play quality, these are all things we need to improve. For me to score as many points as possible, then we hope that the company achieves all the objectives. If we can’t be very competitive, we hope to be able to value players as much as possible. Now the reality is this, we have to work on it ”.


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