Atalanta, Gazzetta: “Gasperini has been strong with the Goddess for a long time”

ATALANTA, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, the Atalanta team has a long-lived coach at home to date.

Atalanta, Gazzetta: “Gasperini has been strong with the Goddess for a long time”

“Eye to eye Because at least as much as the three of them, Gasperini has revolutionized the world in which he works. Marking it deeply, becoming its center of gravity in the name of a role that time, and results, and also profits, have made more and more prominent. How did he do it? With the workforce, first of all: what he asks of his players and the Bergamo players – as we know – are by definition very sensitive to this type of attitude ”.

“So a perfectionist, a lover of details, a sweat maniac on the pitch, and that the shirt must always be sweaty in Bergamo it is written on the walls and it was also written on the shirts. With the strength of persuasion: the courage that borders on the boldness and the ambition that borders on hunger count at least as much as the principles that mark the timing of his football. So he looked into the eyes, frightening or blinding them, teams of illustrious names and stories: Juve, Milan, Inter, Everton, Borussia Dortmund, Valencia, Psg, Ajax, Liverpool. And then the strength of his character: “historic” some of his quarrels with players (and in the eyes of the fans he even “won” with Papu Gomez), managers, even owners ”.

Christian Marangio


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